Modern Bridal Dresses

Let’s hear it for the bride. The modern bride. The modern bride fuses elegance with the contemporary. The modern bride loves an element of newness and a flicker of the timeless. There are many different kinds of modern brides from the flirty and romantic bride to the spirited and carefree bride to the sophisticated and sleek bride. Each modern bride long for styles that speak to her personality and her true essence.

You may be after a wedding dress for the big day or the events leading up to it, the modern bride has a wedding weekend and will often require more that one (read: three) dresses. The modern bride loves an outfit change! You may like to go down a traditional route with a pristine white dress or you may want to change it up and throw in some colour here an there depending on the bridal event. It could be for your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner or the recovery day and honeymoon period.


The Romantic Bride

The romantic bride longs for sweetheart necklines and lacy details. The romantic bride is flirty and fun and loves a feminine feel when it comes to her overall look. Subtle lace overlays, pale pink features and frilly statements are the perfect choices for the flirty bride. The romantic bride can either opt for a cocktail wedding dress or a long and flowy gown. The romantic bride may love some floral features and some pastel-coloured earrings to adorn herself with.


The Spirited Bride

The spirited bride is a little bohemian and is a little wild at heart. The spirited bride will likely opt for a beach wedding or a wedding at a winery in the country. This bride loves some whimsical features and daring accessories. The spirited bride loves feathers and knee length dresses so she can run free, and she loves florals that remind her of wildflowers. The spirited bride may pair a printed dress with some chic cowboy boots or a feather dress with some beachy curls.


The Sophisticated Bride

The sophisticated bride is sleek and elegant. The sophisticated bride loves crisp white dresses and smooth cuts. She is stylish but not overdone and classic yet not too modest. The sophisticated bride is cosmopolitan and you may see her having a city wedding or a church ‘do. She loves jewellery that makes a subtle statement and something she can forever treasure. You may even see the sophisticated bride wear a jumpsuit that makes her look oh so smart for her big day.


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