Wedding Guest Colour Palettes: Something Blue

More and more wedding guests are being asked by brides and grooms to wear a specific colour palette to the wedding. Going beyond the standard dress code of black tie, formal or cocktail is being dressed cohesively in certain pastel colours, blue shades or candy pops, for example. And, no this isn’t to say that everyone will look the same or ‘too uniform’. The curation of certain colours can make the wedding day for the bride and groom extra special as the colours can help to play into the vision or theme of the wedding day itself.

Along with this request, the bride and groom may also arrange a vision board or a Pinterest board to share with wedding guests as a way to share colour inspiration and wedding guest dress ideas. They also may provide colour swatches along with the wedding invitations, and this will help greatly when finding a wedding guest dress for the big day. Our signature prints, textures and cuts take inspiration from a something blue wedding guest colour palette, be their something blue with a blue dress.

From left to right / Fruit Styling by Lovers Lane / Earrings / unknown / India Gown / Fan by Vanessa / unknown / Ren Gown / Wedding Guest Dresses



A sky blue hued wedding guest dress is an effortless yet chic shade to wear to a wedding. Light blue shades will make you look glowing and festive for the event. If the dress code is black tie then a satin blue dress will be perfectly colourful yet still sophisticated enough for a formal affair. If you are attending a something blue beach wedding then a more casual style dress will suffice, and this could include a printed flowy dress and some chunky gold earrings.



Sapphire and cobalt shades are almost one in the same. These are bold, bright blues that demand attention. A formal wedding calls for a floor sweeping gown while a cocktail dress code demands a flowing cocktail dress. Either way a bright blue shade will be sure to spark attention at a beautiful wedding event.



Midnight blues are much more of a staple when it comes to a wedding wardrobe. Think of navy shades and deep blues, the perfect colour to be worn again and again as a timeless piece. Navy blue will always be in style at a wedding, and it is the perfect shade for wedding guests, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride alike. Wear a crepe or satin style dress with silver jewellery for a classic look.


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