What To Wear To A Boat Party

What Is A Boat Party?

For the unacquainted, a boat party is an exclusive party typically held in a boat, or in more luxurious cases, a yacht. The boat will sail out into the water so you and your friends can enjoy the view of the city from the sea, and you can also change into your favourite swimsuit so you can dive and swim around. This is a type of casual affair that really doesn’t need formal wear like long gowns – at best, the most formal you can go for is a cocktail dress and a nice pair of high heels. We have curated a guide to being the best dressed and prepared for your next boat party.



1. Dress Smart Casual

Boat party dress codes vary from casual to classy, but choosing an outfit with a more relaxed fit is the key. Ideally, you want to wear flowing dresses and skirts, wide-legged soft pants and comfortable shirts. Offset these with tighter silhouettes elsewhere in the ensemble and you have the perfect balance.

If the event is more formal, top a figure-enhancing dress or jumpsuit with a dressy jacket to create a sense of sophistication. This combination lets you arrive in style, stay warm in the breeze, cool in the heat, and leave the jacket aside when the party gets going.

Below are our top 6 best dresses for your next boat party! 


       Dreamy Printed Dress                          Harper Red Jumpsuit                          Aerin Ivory Crepe Dress

       Linden Soft Wrap Dress                          Lucia Red Dress                          Starlight Mink Shift Dress


2. Think Comfortable

As for footwear, you can opt for either a comfy pair of Sandals or Flats. You can also bring a light jacket with you in case it will get cold on the boat ride. Colours like light blue and white are a good choice as these are light colours that are easy on the eyes, especially on a sunny day out on the boat deck.

3. Come Prepared

Don’t forget to bring sunscreen and a hat. In summer UV levels can reach a high of 12 even on a cloudy day, being exposed to the sun all day you need to be prepared. We would recommend SPF 50+, a wide brim hat, sunglasses and a light flowing maxi dress.

 4. Be Responsible

Have as much fun as possible but remember you are on the boat for a certain number of hours so drink responsibly.



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