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What to Wear to a Garden Wedding

What to Wear to a Garden Wedding

Entering the warmer months? Get ready for wedding season! Most couples prefer outdoor weddings because of the nice weather, gorgeous scenery, and spectacular photo ops. Garden weddings are especially breath-taking as you’re surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery. 

This may leave you wondering about what to wear to a garden wedding.

This helpful style guide will help you decide what to wear to a garden wedding in the summer so you can feel relaxed, beautiful, and confident. Here are some fun and exciting garden wedding dress ideas. 

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Floral Prints 

Feminine florals make for the perfect garden wedding attire. They provide a romantic, attractive, and traditional look and style that is fabulous for a day-to-night outfit. The best way to fit in with the garden theme is to wear summery colours with floral designs. 

Still unsure about what to wear to a garden wedding in 2022? Our Ivy Printed Dress is ideal for a feminine garden party look and will contribute to the natural beauty of the wedding’s ambiance. 


Lovely in Lace 

Lace is a great choice for any wedding but is particularly perfect for a garden wedding as it is romantic, feminine, and enhances a woman’s beauty. 

Our Serenity Lace Cocktail Dress is adorned with a delicate lace that is flattering and fantastic for an outdoor garden wedding. Pair it with our Blair Earrings for a classic look. 


Alluring Pastels 

Pastels are the perfect colours to wear to a garden wedding. They are all about being bright, fun, and cheerful. The Dreamy Dress is light and elegant but still very appropriate garden wedding attire. 

Still struggling with what to wear to an outdoor casual wedding? Pastel or floral prints on darker dresses, such as black or navy, are also lovely. Our Sierra Soft Chiffon Dress features a darker background with bright florals, but it is still appropriate for a sunny garden wedding. 


Romantic Ruffles 

Since a wedding in a garden setting is especially romantic, ruffles are a great way to fit right in. you can stand out from the crowd with a pretty wrap-around styled dress with ruffled accents. The Aerin Crepe Dress is elegant, sophisticated, and glamorous. 

Worried about being too casual? Accessorize with Ellis Rose Gold Earrings or a dainty pair of heels to boost your outfit. 


Maxi Dresses

A flowy, printed maxi dress is another good option for garden or backyard weddings. A gorgeous maxi dress is a great way to stay comfortable and stylish while feeling beautiful and poised. 

This floral print Amora Ombre long dress works best for a casual or formal garden wedding on a nice, sunny day. It is also the perfect wedding day dress to dance the night away. 


At Montique Clothing, you never have to stress about what to wear to a garden wedding. You will always look and feel your absolute best in any of our stylish dresses. Looking to purchase a dress for your next wedding? Check out our selection of garden wedding dresses at Montique Clothing today!