Modern Work Outfits

Is the office becoming a little more lax? Or is it just us? And when we say ‘lax’ we don’t so much mean more casual i.e. jeans and a tee, what we mean is a little more fun i.e. yes you can wear that fancy dress with some chic espadrilles. If the ‘year of the girl’ has taught us anything it is certainly that we now look down on anyone who shames us for being ‘too dressed up’ – there is no such thing! And life is too short to save all your fancy outfits for the ‘right’ occasion, what if one isn’t coming up for ages? Does that mean you have to store your new favourite skirt in the wardrobe for three more months? No, we think not. To solve this problem, we’ll walk you through the art of dressing things up or down for workwear so that you can show off that new dress while you sip your coffee in the morning and ignore emails (just kidding!).

Although we think you can have a little more fun with what you wear to work these days, there are still certain limitations for many workplaces. You can’t show too much back, your can’t wear anything too short and overall you should show a level of professionalism, even if you look is a little carefree (think flowy dresses). If you are worried about looking a little too dressed up (is there such thing?) then toning down your outfits with the right accessories or layers is the way to go.


The Versatile Skirt

Take the skirt, the skirt is a versatile piece in any wardrobe. It can be paired up on down simply with different blouses or shirts. A simple black or colour blocked skirt is perfectly acceptable to wear to the workplace, and if your office isn’t super dressy then you can wear it with a white button down. For night time you can dress up your skirt with an off the shoulder top and some chunky earrings. Kitten heels are also a great idea for the office, and will complement your skirt perfectly.


The Lightweight Dress (Or Jumpsuit)

Say it’s summer, it’s hot – you want to wear your new lightweight floral dress, well you can! A chiffon floral dress is a perfect work staple, as is a chiffon jumpsuit. Yes, it an be worn to weddings and parties alike, but the floral dress will also bring a sense of joy and brightness into your office attire. A midi floral printed dress can be paired with some chic espadrilles and your oversized raffia handbag (yes you need something to store that laptop – but make it chic!).


The Contemporary Shift

Nothing says professional and put together like a shift dress. Although it may be considered plain and simple, there is nothing that plain about a shift dress, and this is because it is a powerful and contemporary look. A shift style dress can become your go to when it comes to desk to dinner occasions – simply pair it with some chic patent leather pumps and chunky jewellery for work or play.


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