Winter Solstice: Ethereal Style

As the days grow shorter and the frosty air dances on our skin, we find ourselves entranced by the enchanting allure of the winter solstice. The winter soloistic brings a misty air of the ethereal and the whimsical, with stars dotting the sky earlier than usual our minds are tending to veer towards thoughts of midnight balls and charming winter galas. The mystical ambience of this celestial event can be beautifully reflected in our fashion choices and how we dress ourselves up for chic winter events, from black tie weddings to frosty winter themed bridal showers. The winter solstice allows us to embrace an ethereal and dreamy style.

In celebration of this, we explore the captivating world of velvet dresses, organza styles, fluttering feathers, and little black dresses, which are all styles perfect for cooler winter events. These styles harmonise the magic of the solstice with modern yet timeless trends that are perfect for the most festive of occasions, from weddings to your best friend’s birthday party.


Luxurious Elegance

The soft and sumptuous texture of velvet dresses are the epitome of winter solstice style. Embrace deep jewel tones such as sapphires, and dark colours such as navy and black, which are reminiscent of the night sky that is the canvas for the glowing stars. Opt for metallic jewels to pair with your velvet gown for hues that mirror the delicate glow of midnight’s moon. Long flowing gowns and shorter velvet cocktail dresses will drape gracefully, creating a serene aura of opulence. Radiate a regal and celestial charm in a velvet dress and delicate earrings that embody the beauty that is the winter solstice.


Ethereal Transcendence

For an otherworldly experience, indulge in the diaphanous wonders of organza style dresses. The sheer and lightweight fabric effortlessly captures the essence of winter solstice magic. Choose dresses adorned with delicate elements and floral printed organza to capture the light which will playfully dance through the translucent layers. Embrace the delicate whisper of organza as it gently billows around you, embodying the ethereal enchantment of the solstice.


Take Majestic Flight

Incorporate the elements of flight and celestial beings into your event wardrobe with feathered accents. Adorn your attire with delicate feather trims, creating a sense of movement and grace. Feather accents adorn little black dresses to create a look that embraces the ethereal spirit of the solstice. Soar through the winter sky with delicate features that are perfect for black tie weddings and can be paired with delicate accessories such as a netted headpiece or a crystal featured headband.


The Night’s Mystique

A winter solstice cannot be completed without an iconic little black dress. Emulating the night sky in a stark coloured dress that embodies the allure of the winter solstice night. Opt for a little black dress with celestial inspired shimmering sequins or pair a plain little black dress with shining jewel earrings in order to evoke the splendour of a clear, starlit sky. Like the night’s sky, the little black dress serves as a canvas allowing you to accessorise with statement jewellery and contrasting textures for a glowing look.


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