Winter Wedding Guest Style

We usually associate weddings with summer and spring and consider winter as an off-season for weddings. Still, more and more couples are choosing to get married in the winter as some venues have more availability during this season - and also because the dreamy frosted and bucolic theme is a perfect scenario for a romantic ceremony.

As we always say, the first step when shopping for the right dress is to consider the location, if the event will take place outdoors and if the bride and groom have requested any specific dress code. For example, a formal or black-tie dress code signifies your hemline needs to fall at a midi or maxi length. Still, you may be able to get away with a mini dress at a semi-formal or cocktail wedding.

That's also a great moment to lean into winter's jewel tones and icy hues — rich red tones, emerald green, silver, gold, and deep blues are just some of the excellent options. And, of course, a little black dress is totally fair game.


The Right Amount Of Coverage

As romantic and beautiful as winter weddings are, they can present some dress code challenges due to the cold temperatures, wind, or rain - these some of the possibilities you'll need to keep in mind. In this case, a long-sleeve dress is an excellent option if any part of the big day is outdoors. You can choose a full-length gown with a timeless bodycon silhouette and flowing slit sleeves, which make for perfect elements for coverage from the cold.

There Are Options For Everyone

If you are not a "long-sleeve dress" person, don't worry! Our number one tip is to remember that you can make anything work! Feel like wearing a mini dress? Pair it with stockings. Dreaming about wearing a dress cut for warmer weather? Throw over a bolero jacket or a wrap! Long sleeveless gowns are elegant and appropriate for formal events, and you won't overheat if you plan to spend most of the time rocking the dance floor. A halter neck dress is always stunning in winter as well.


Why Not Short?

If the reception is a bit more casual (think semi-formal or formal) or you prefer not to wear a long gown, opting for a midi or a shorter dress can be just as chic. Whether you're going for a flowy, satin midi or a velvet wrap dress, these options are still wedding-appropriate and will keep you cool while you dance.


Want Something Different?

Another ideal style for winter weddings: jumpsuits and separate sets. These options are comfortable to walk and dance in yet still look perfectly put together and stylish with a pair of heels and the right bold accessories. The best part? Jumpsuits and separates are versatile, so you're more likely to re-wear them at your next event. 

The final touch!

Don't worry; we didn't forget! If you need that extra coverage to match your chosen style, jackets and wraps are here to save the day. All these styles are versatile, easy to wear and just comfortable. The best thing? You can re-wear them over and over again!



You will always look your best in Montique! For more fashion tips or information on our dresses and products, contact us at to be in touch with our customer service team, or shop our new arrivals now!

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