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2021 Formals: Trend Report

2021 Formals: Trend Report

It’s that time of year where formals are approaching! At Montique, we understand the importance and excitement surrounding this occasion.  Your formal is the perfect opportunity to wear a dress that reflects the amazing woman you are and have you show off your style.  It really is a special time for you to celebrate you and all your hard work!

Our designers have been working hard to produce stunning formal styles for all our beautiful customers! Whether you’re interested in a fairytale, boho chic, modern, beaded or sequined style, we have the right dress here waiting for you.  Not only that, but we also have gorgeous accessories to pair with your outfit, from earrings to belts to wraps, you will be able to add those finishing touches to your look and sparkle off into the night!

Now, everybody has to pull their inspiration from somewhere, right? This formal season, we’re changing things up and using some celebrity red carpet looks to help you choose your style!  Let’s face it, celebrities are constantly keeping up with the latest trends and they’re definitely experts at being poised and pretty, even in the most stressful of situations.  Lucky for you, your night will be stress free and full of fun so you’ll definitely want a style that lets you dance the night away. We know it’s hard to make a start to your dress shopping, so we’re making it easy for you. Pick that dress that makes you feel the most confident and get ready to rock it like your favourite celeb on the red carpet!

Take a look below at our top picks this formal season!

Shop the Look: Monroe Dress, Airlie Earrings


Shop the look: Elle Sequin Gown in MinkFrancesca Feather Bolero in Ivory


Shop the Look: Lana Metallic Gown, Rina Earrings


Shop the Look: Venetzia Sequin Gown in Emerald


Shop the Look: Ariella Gown in Ivory, Tara Beaded Ribbon Belt

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