Celebrations In Style: Mother's Day

Create a memorable Mother’s Day and honour your mother and/or mother figures in your life by treating them to a quaint brunch, a high tea or a decadent dinner, in style. Whether you are the mum being celebrated or you are hosting an event to celebrate mum, look for delicate and feminine dresses that radiate your and your mother's personality. Dressing up for Mother’s Day adds a lovely touch of elegance and sentiment to the day's activities.

Once you have chosen your special Mother’s Day activity, you are ready to start looking for your festive dress. The perfect Mother’s Day dress is a mix between cocktail and formal with varying lengths between knee to midi length, and saturated in block or bright colours and prints. Fill your day with love, and appreciation and don’t forget a touch of style.


High Tea Brunch

Dressing up for a high tea brunch at a quaint café or a fancy hotel is a classic way to celebrate Mother's Day. High tea dress etiquette calls for a certain level of sophistication. Embroidered dresses are always a safe option with blooming pastel floral tones and a delicate texture, embroidery is easy on the eye and appropriate for a brunch time event. For a sophisticated finishing touch pair with crystal stud earrings.


Decadent Dinner

A fancy dinner out with Mum calls for a timeless style. Full length gowns are the perfect dress for a special night out as they radiate beauty and elegance. Formal dresses and separates, such as off the shoulder tops and taffeta skirts make for the perfect seated down outfit. For a bit of extra cover up throw on a wrap or bolero, to add warmth. A special final touch is to add accessories to your dress, headbands and earrings can seamlessly finish your night time look.


Scenic Sunday Boat Ride

A scenic boat ride can be a relaxing and luxurious way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Choose a dress that matches the atmosphere and looks glamorous against the ocean's backdrop. Deep jewel tone colours such as sapphire, navy, emerald and ruby red contrast against the sea beautifully. Creating a great photo opportunity, to remember the special day by. Sequin cocktail dresses and jumpsuits are also always a sparkling practical option, ensuring you are comfortable before setting sail.


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