Colour For Melbourne Cup

It is time to saddle up for this year’s spring racing season. The Melbourne Cup is coming up and being one of the biggest races of the race season it is expected to be highly anticipated and filled with lots of gorgeous trackside looks. For dress code think bold, colour and fun. It is time to play with colour and brights this year.

There are a plethora of ways to style colours and the race season is the best time to experiment. Have a play with colour blocking, monochromatic dressing or experiment with colour theory – from analogous colour styling to complementary colour pairings. Playing with colour is always high impact with minimal effort, it is as simple as pairing colours together that allow you to radiate your personality. When it comes to race day the world is your oyster.


Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is the act of choosing two different colours to incorporate into your look. This can be as simple as choosing two colours which are total opposites and going for a high contrast look – a great option for the races. Or you can choose two similar colours such as blue and green. Either way you can simply choose a cocktail dress in one colour and accessories in a separate colour.



A monochromatic look involves wearing all one colour or shade. Monochromatic dressing is arguably the easiest way to dress in colour – you can’t go wrong as long as your whole look matches when it comes to colour. This is a great option for the races as you can choose a headpiece that will match the shade of your dress, and then from there pick out shoes and earrings in the same colour so you can completely lean into the monochromatic dressing.


Colour Theory

Playing with colours is one of the best things about dressing up, and colour theory is a fun way to extend on this. There are a number of ways to use colour theory in styling but one way we love is to dress in complementary colours – think green with pink or blue with tangerine. It is simply choosing two colours which are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Or let your imagination run wild when it comes to choosing colour and go for a full rainbow look, using the full spectrum of the colour wheel. Choose accessories that bring out the colours of your multicoloured cocktail dress


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