Colourful Black Tie

When we RSVP to an event with a black tie dress code, we think of needing to wear a floor length black gown, high heels and some crystal jewellery. Sure, these are definitely items you can wear when the dress code says black tie, but you can also wear a whole lot of colours, especially when the invitation asks for colourful black tie. Colour has always been encouraged at events such as weddings, but even more now hosts are eager to have their guests dressed in bright hues and bold pops. Birthdays girls are asking their guests to come dressed in sunset hues, and brides want everyone to change into sparkles for their disco after parties. Not only is a cohesive outfit colour scheme pleasing on the eye, but it is also great for photos (which is oh so important!).

Dressing for a colourful black tie event is all about embracing the colours that look good on you. Are you a green girl? Go for a vibrant kelly green cocktail dress! If you are more of a metallic lover, you can opt for a perfect floor length gold gown. Accessorising can be made simple too, with many options. You can either do some bold colour blocking, go for a monotone look or pair complimentary colours together for a serene look.


Set A Foundation

Primary colours are the way to start when first looking for a colourful black tie dress. Think bold reds and blue or navy gowns. Both of these options are perfect for colourful black tie as they can suit many skin tonnes and personalities. You can opt for a red off the shoulder dress to create a dramatic effect which is perfect for a black tie garden wedding, while you can be a little more understated in a navy gown if that is more your style. Style your dress with matching coloured earrings or test out colour blocking by choosing a different coloured earring such as a pink earring to match your red gown and maybe a green earring to pair with a navy gown.


Brights For Black Tie

Go all out in a brightly coloured dress, perfect for a daytime black tie wedding or a formal garden wedding in the afternoon sun. Opt for a hot pink dress or a brightly coloured printed dress to go all out. Bright and bold floral printed dresses are a great option, especially for an outdoor wedding. Pair your brightly coloured gown with matching accessories to liven your look up completely.


Go For Gold (& Other Metallics)

What’s the complete opposite of black? A glowing metallic, to steal the show in. For your colourful black tie event choose a dress that shimmers. A gold gown is the perfect option as you will bring some new kind of colour. If you prefer to be a little more lowkey with the metallic, you can always choose a full length gown which incorporates metallics through its thread or flecks on the dress.  


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