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Congratulations, You're a Bridesmaids

Congratulations, You're a Bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid is an honour as you are trusted and thought of highly by the bride, but it is also like having a part-time job! It can be big responsibility to be a bridesmaid as you are the sounding board and support to bounce ideas off. Along with the many responsibilities of being a bridesmaid, you may also be asked to help with bridesmaid’s dresses. That’s why we’ve put together the most on trend, versatile and popular palettes for the wedding season ahead.

The colour mink, primarily a colour from the Brown colour family. Mink is made from a mixture of orange and brown, it can be various shades from brown to beige to nude with a slightly mauve or pink tinge. Mink is a very versatile colour and is easily adaptable especially if you are going for multiple shades in bridesmaids’ dresses. Soft neutral shades work well for any season. It’s the perfect complement to any bridal dress. Mink is a colour for those going for a more classic and minimalist theme. Shop the Mink edit now.

Merlot is a great colour option for those after a sophisticated and luxurious dress look. Depending on the shade of merlot, it can be easily versatile for bridesmaid. We think it would be a perfect fit for a more formal winter or fall wedding look. Shop the Merlot edit now.

For a deep colour that works well all year round, navy is the perfect choice for bridesmaids’ dresses. Navy is a timeless colour and a sophisticated choice for any season. Navy will beautifully contrast with a white wedding gown to ensure the bride is the centre of attention. You can opt for a less-formal vibe with this dark blue by choosing dresses in lighter material, different lengths or neck lines. Shop the Navy edit now.
The options don't end here, shop our wide range of bridesmaids' dresses here. Alternatively if your sizes are not available, you can custom order dresses from our custom eveningwear collection here.