A Guide To Choosing Your Own Bridesmaid Dress

So, you have been tasked with a very important job…finding your own bridesmaid dress. Before getting started with your search consider the following; what is the chosen colour palette and theme for the wedding? The bride may provide you with her mood board for the wedding and ask you to find something that suits her overall colour or theme. Other questions to consider - have the bride and groom established a dress code? What type of silhouette do you feel the most comfortable and confident in? Once you have defined these key points, you are ready for your search.

Being tasked the role of bridesmaid is not one to take lightly, it is a fabulous honour to be asked to be apart of the bridal party, and it usually means that the bride – whether she is a friend, a cousin or a sister – trusts and thinks highly of you. As a bridesmaid you are not only standing by her side on the big day, you are the sounding board for her ideas, a support system for any ups and downs (or jitters!) and her friend through it all. By being tasked to find your own bridesmaid dress for her big day means that she trusts you (and your taste) immensely, and if there are other bridesmaids too it is a great bonding experience for you all in the lead up to the big day. 


Monochromatic Maids

If the bride has asked the bridal party to wear all one colour, then you deliver. A monochromatic colour palette means that all bridesmaids should be dressed in the same colour, but there can still be multiple variations of this. The first option is complete matching – all one shade, such as navy blue and all the exact same style. Another option is that the bridesmaids are to wear the exact same shade but different silhouettes, shapes or fabric textures. The bridal party could be in a collection of satin, crepe and jersey dresses, creating a cohesive yet unique look. The third option is not quite monochromatic but still within the idea of the one colour grouping, this is to have bridesmaids wear different shades of the same colour, such as blue – but this concept may bring us into the mix and match realm.

Mix & Match Shades

When it comes to the mix and match bridal party look this is all about having quite different shades or prints for each bridesmaid. As being tasked by the bride to find your dress, if it is a mix and match request, it is important here that you do collaborate with the other bridesmaids to ensure that you create a unique yet cohesive look. Some popular colour palettes that are being asked of bridesmaids are pastels, bright pops and bold colours. If your bride is also wanting to include prints or florals then it is important to take key colours from the printed styles for inspiration for the colour blocked style dresses.


Shapes & Silhouettes

One of the main reasons why brides ask their bridesmaids to source their own bridesmaid dress for the wedding is because the bride wants you to look and feel comfortable for the big day, and who better then to choose a dress for you to wear than yourself? Once you know which colour the bride wants you to wear then it is up to you (unless the bride states otherwise) which silhouette you choose. Whether a halter neck, a one shoulder or a sleeved dress suits you best, choose a style which expresses your true personality and self for the day so you can party all night long on the dance floor.


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