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Elevate your Spring with Sequins

Elevate your Spring with Sequins

With the season of festivities shortly approaching, the sequins have saved themselves to spice up your wardrobe.

The use of sequins can add a special touch of confidence as seen on the Venetzia Black Sequin Gown, Stevie Navy Sequin Wrap Gown and the Roxanna Merlot Sequin Gown below.



The use of sequins along with the split crossover detail of the dress we see an added sense of depth and complexity. The perfect mix of sparkle and elegance to stand out in a crowd at your next formal event.

Did you know? The term sequin originates from Sikka, Arabic for coin. It then became known as the popular term sequin as it found its way to France in the 16th century. In the 1920s sequins then became a fashion trend as they were seen on the costumes of flapper girls.


The Starlight Sequin Shift dress in Rose Gold and Black allows for a more versatile timeless look, perfect for your next party/event. With reversible design, this dress allows for the option of a soft v neck or a high, round neckline. The combination of a high neck and flowy fit perfectly contrast with the cropped length to flatter and elongate the legs.

Beauty doesn’t always have to equal pain! This dress is made comfortably with 5% elastane, stretch knit lining and beautiful butterfly wing sleeves.

As the saying goes, it’s better to be over dressed than under dressed. Why stop at sequins? You can easily accessorise this look with your prettiest heels and diamond earrings. We’ve listed some of our favourites above, including the Callie Rose Gold, Piper Rose Gold and the Ellis Gold earrings. We’ve opted for gold and rose gold as it is a softer touch to complement and contrast the full sequinned outfit.

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