How To Host An Occasion At Home

Whether you are organising a wedding, engagement party, birthday, or even a baby shower, there are so many benefits to hosting in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Adjusting to the changing situation may be daunting and stressful for your plans, but opting to host at your house is a budget-friendly and intimate choice that gives you the freedom to transform your space however you want. Inviting your closest friends and family to a space that holds your most cherished memories is a sentimental choice that you will reminisce on for years. After all, there really is no place like home!


Utilise the entire property

Embrace the indoor and outdoor elements of your house by utilising all spaces. If you are hosting a wedding, use a room with good lighting inside for your dressing room. Create a flow throughout your home by hosting different activities in different places. Food or speeches in the living space, followed by cocktails and lawn games in the garden is a great way to keep the flow of movement and a sense of an event-filled night. 


Organise a weather plan 

Be mindful of creating a plan B in the case of rain or poor weather. Tents propped in the garden are a beautiful and wet weather conscious choice that will keep your guests safe, comfortable and dry. 


Elevate the entrance

For a home occasion, it is important to think critically about how your guests will arrive and navigate your space. Create a path that leads to your front entrance with candles, loose flower petals or even flower arches to guide your guests in the right direction. For a grand entrance to your reception area, using curtains that drape gracefully and will attract the eye to that area. For a playful touch, prop homemade signs around your garden to direct your guests to different parts of the occasion. 

Elevate your entrance


Illuminate through lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of an event, and it is important to equip your home with the right lighting to make your property shine. Choosing the right lighting will help create the right ambiance for your space. Illuminate the tablespace with overhead string lights, or wrap them around the beams of your tents to show off the structure. Decorate your garden with candles, lanterns or fairy lights to illuminate your path and feature areas that you want to showcase. 


Work with your surroundings

Complement your space and elevate any unique features your house or garden may have for a standout occasion. Showcase the architecture of your house and the beauty of your garden for a breathtaking backdrop. Have a pool? Got a feature tree? Transform them into visual focal points with flowers and lights. If you garden features bright flowers or lush garland, pick and decorate these in different parts of your party - like as the centrepiece or at the entrance for a consistent and romantic space.


Showcase your food and drink

The best part of hosting your occasion at home is that you have the freedom to serve the food and drinks whenever and wherever you please! Set up a bar cart with self-serve beverages, using mason jars or glass jugs for a vintage flair and decorate with flowers. Decorate the table with a striking tablescape to create a stunning visual for your guests. 

A beautiful tablescape at home


Entertain with local talent or your favourite playlist

Music plays an integral part in setting the tone of your event, so before your occasion, it is important to organise your music. You can create a personalised playlist and connect it to your speakers to play for the duration of your event. Choose music that is sentimental to your occasion, like songs that remind you of your partner for your wedding, or your mum's favourite tunes for her birthday. You can even opt for having local talent perform some songs - set up a designated stage and let the requests roll in!


Focus on the details 

Hosting an occasion at home gives you the unique chance to incorporate sentimental and cherished details into your party that your closest family and friends will appreciate. Using a space that has a special meaning to you celebrates past memories and creates new. What’s a more beautiful sentiment than celebrating a baby shower in the house you grew up in! You can include details that hold special significance to your family, like China plates passed down for generations, or sprigs of flowers that your mum grew from the garden to decorate the table. 

Plants and details


Be playful with lawn games and activities

Amp up your hosting skills by offering lawn games for your friends and family to play. Games like oversized Jenga, croquet or horseshoe are a playful and inexpensive way to bring your guests together and keep them entertained. For a baby shower, there are so many games that can be played easily from the comfort of your home. 


Get Creative with Stay at Home Entertainment

When it's not possible for every family member and friend to attend your event, there are some creative and fun ways to include them in your intimate occasion. Get them to send messages and videos to you, set up a screen during the event, and play them for your guests. For your wedding, hide the bouquet somewhere in the backyard for your bridesmaids to find. 


Don't Forget to Dress Up!

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