How to Travel With A Wedding Dress

The destination wedding is beyond thrilling – you could be planning on a Bali wedding along the beach or you could be heading to a resort in Hawaii or you off to a winery for a country escape. Either way it is fun times ahead but there is also a lot of planning (and maybe a teeny bit of stress). It is important to plan well and to plan ahead of time to ensure that everything is organised and ready to go – especially during the travel moments, whether it be by plane or car (or very possibly both!). One of the most important things on any wedding day is the wedding dress, but the dress is also incredibly important for a destination wedding as is the transportation of the dress.

Getting the wedding dress from A to B should be of top consideration. And not only is the wedding dress important but so is the groom’s attire, the mother of the bride and groom's dress and the bridal party’s outfits (we can’t forget about the bridesmaid’s dresses). Our stylists will provide a go to guide of how to travel with your wedding dress, as well as all the other important garments for the day, from your home to your wedding venue.


The Dress

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to not pack your wedding dress into your checked luggage bag if you are travelling on a plane. You can never be sure that your checked luggage bag isn’t going to be delayed or lost or worst of all – stolen. For peace of mind, it is best to have your wedding dress with your carry-on luggage. For those travelling in a car it is best to take your dress on your road trip with you. That way you know it is safe and sound on your journey.


The Accessories

What is a wedding dress without accessories? It is important to also include your wedding shoes, jewellery and hair accessories in with your carry-on luggage also. Anything that is needed for the day should be taken onto the plane (or in the car!) with you – it is best to not trust any postal services under these circumstances. You do not want to lose your dress or your bridal accessories for the big day. It is a good idea to separate all your items into different bags such as purses or accessory bags or sections of your larger bag so that you can see that you have everything and it will be all easily accessible. For example, you can pop your bridal accessories into one section and your hair accessories into another. 


The Garment Bag

The packing of the dress can depend on the size of it as well as the type of dress it is. You could possibly place it in a garment bag and then fold it gently to fit inside your carry-on bag. Or if you would prefer, and depending on the duration of the flight, you could keep it in a garment bag and hold it or lay it on your lap. If you are wearing a hand beaded gown or maybe the mother of the bride or groom is wearing one – these can be carefully folded down. Got a little bit of a road trip on your hands? The garment bag is also vital if you are travelling to your wedding destination in a car, and the same goes – place your dress into the garment bag and lay it flat on the back seat or in the butte of your car. It is also never a mistake to ask for a bit of help – whether it be from your friends or family or partner or the flight attendants.


Upon Arrival

Phew! You have reached your destination and your dress and accessories have arrived safely alongside you. Now, you may ask – what next? Make sure you have a steamer on hand in your hotel or AirBnB, or whatever it is that is appropriate to take the creases out of your wedding gown. And just like that – you are ready to be wed!


You will always look your best in Montique! For more fashion tips or information on our dresses and products (or how to safely store and travel your Montique styles!), contact us at to be in touch with our customer service team, or shop our new arrivals now!

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