How To Wear The Pantone Colour Of The Year

As a new year begins Pantone selects a colour of the year that reflects on the global culture of our time, this year opting for Peach Fuzz. Peach Fuzz was chosen by Pantone for this new era because it represents a message of sharing and promotes a feeling of warmth and comfort. The peach hue also emotes a feeling of kindness, evoking a sense of community and collaboration. 

While one may not wear a monochrome peach fuzz coloured outfit, we can find flecks of peach fuzz throughout golden jewellery, romantic hued heels and natural inspired make up. Bring a sense of warmth and nurture into your look through this shade and is companions. According to Pantone, some other hues that pair well with the colour of 2024 include Pale Pansy, Myristica & Bermuda. For your next look draw inspiration from Pantone's colour of the year and its contemporary colour palettes. 


Peach Fuzz

Being the colour of the year, Peach Fuzz is a core tone that can be kept in mind when putting together a look for your next wedding or formal occasion. With this shade it is important for it to be textured so not to look to flat in an outfit. This colour is perfect for jewellery as it will have a certain shine to it. Pair Peach Fuzz with shades of purple for a soft colour contrasting look. 


Pale Pansy

Being across from Peach Fuzz on the colour wheel, a shade of purple is the obvious choice when it come to colour pairings. Contrasting colours can make quite the pop when they are styled correctly. Wear a lavender coloured cocktail dress and matching earrings with a chic peachy toned shoe for the ultimate understated look, perfect for a casual beach wedding or a birthday brunch. The pairing of purple and peach is summer defined. 



As a natural shade, Myristica compliments the Peach Fuzz tone. The colour brown will always act as a neutral, and it is perfect for those occasions where you may feel that the colour black is a little too harsh. A perfect option for mothers of the bride and groom who want to wear a classic shade to the wedding but do not want to wear black. This colour pairs well with the shade of Peach Fuzz as the two go hand in hand with one being darker and the other bringing a bit of brightness to an outfit. Wear Peach Fuzz coloured earrings with a textured beaded gown for a shining look. 



Fresh on fresh - think fresh peaches and lush greenery. Sitting opposite to each other on the colour wheel means that these two colours are complementary colours, and they do compliment each other when it comes to styling them. For your next destination wedding opt for a vibrant green dress and pair this with flecks of gold and peach through jewellery and heels to bring in a sense of colour and warmth.


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