Inspired Moments: Muted Magic

When it comes to love, the extravagance doesn’t always take the cake, most of the time it is the smaller details that truly count. This is not to mean that your love is small, your love for each other is huge but you may appreciate a more subtle love rather than something too over the top. A subtle love is listening to your partner talk about their day at work, it is completing a small task without being asked, and it is bringing home peonies unexpectantly. A love that may be understated but it is incredibly powerful; a love where the little things make you smile and cause dancing butterflies. A love which is woven through the gestures of the everyday, the unforeseen gestures that keep the fabric of the relationship together. When you share a laugh or a cry together or a small token of appreciation is carried out, these are the subtle acts of love that cause you to fall in love over and over again.

Present you and your partners subtle yet powerful love throughout your wedding day, and be inspired by understated tones and small details which truly make your heart sing. Create your dream wedding with a palette of muted tones and light sparkles, as a symbol of the subtle acts of love which cause intense sparks between you and your partner. Influenced by our signature prints, textures and cuts, dream up your ideal wedding that is all things light, romantic and muted, and be inspired by some of wedding vendor selects to take you day to a whole new level.

The wedding planning process can always lean towards the more stressful side, but our inspired moments series is here to bring you new ideas and inspiration for your big day. From typography for wedding invitations to florals for ideal table settings, we have compiled a small directory that resides within the theme of muted magic, and which is inspired by our signature prints and details.



Artistic Inspirations

Inspired by art and form, a subtle wedding theme should be influenced by dynamic movements, texture and simple shapes. Palettes and textures can be a significant influence on your wedding day through your use of décor, florals and wedding stationary. We are inspired by the textural quality of Sandra Davolio's Sculptural Vessel, a piece which resonates with us due to its natural aesthetic and ease on the eye, and Jean Arp's Objets Célestes because of its light and airy nature which contrasts with darker shadows to create an illusion of depth.



Mink Musings

Thread muted tones throughout your wedding table numbers to create a cohesive palette for your wedding reception. The use of natural elements are the perfect centrepieces for your muted magic wedding. Travertine centrepieces create a sense of depth and add texture while still keeping to a muted and natural palette. The mink-coloured travertine table numbers by @terracepress are the perfect option for your blush wedding. They are subtle yet still have edgy dimension to them, helping to create a modern stylish statement.


Blush Blooms

When picking out flowers for your wedding, choose blush coloured blooms and ivory petals to decorate your day. These colours are perfect for a wedding with understated tones. We love these light pink orchids from @flowersbypili, they are perfectly delicate and soft - a match made in heaven with mink coloured bridesmaid's dresses


Subtle Décor

A beach wedding would be the perfect option for a muted colour palette, lightly coloured sand, blush tones and ivory details go hand in hand. Wherever your wedding may be, we love these seat covers from @lovestonedstyling because they are the perfect linen details to create a cohesive look for your wedding ceremony or reception. 


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