Inspired Moments: Ocean Opulence

Like the ocean, a powerful love has no bounds. Blue oceans are great and beyond, and their magic will never fade. We look to the ocean for regrowth and renewal, and we feel revitalised and relaxed by the sounds and sights of the water. You are your happiest when you are surrounded by the greatness of nature, from the swirling blue waters which bring joy to your eyes to the lush greenery of the surrounding elements. Seas span many miles and there are many viewpoints in which you can enjoy the view, from the Mediterranean seaside to a botanical Hawaii. An oceanic view is the perfect backdrop to celebrate love and life, and glimmering seas and wavy scenes create an awe-inspiring canvas. Etch you and your partner’s tale of affection in the sand with a destination wedding in a jaw dropping yet ethereal location which brings joy to you and yours.

Your wedding day can be inspired by the watercolours of the sea and the deep hues of the ocean, details which will embrace the destination of your wedding. Think up your dream wedding with a palette of swirling blues and greens, a symbol of the deep and powerful love between you and your partner. Influenced by our signature prints, textures and cuts, dream up your ideal wedding or envision your future plans with destinations which are grand, sophisticated and dimensional, and be inspired by some of our Mediterranean wedding location selects to take your day to a whole new level.

The wedding planning process can always lean towards the more stressful side, but our inspired moments series is here to bring you new ideas and inspiration for your big day. From florals and table settings to wedding destinations and locations, we have compiled a small directory that resides within the theme of ocean opulence, and which is inspired by our signature prints and details.


Artistic Inspirations

Inspired by art and form, a wedding with a sea view should be influenced by organic movements and shapes and translucent textures. When choosing florals and design elements for your wedding day, be inspired by the nature that surrounds you. An oceanic destination wedding can be inspired by the shapely quality of Kerryn Levy Ceramics, pieces which have an organic shape and which mirror the shapes of water. As well as Irina Cumberland's Silk, which illustrates realistic depictions of the ocean, which have a translucent quality about them. 


Our Mediterranean Muse

Lake Como is the destination for a destination wedding. The Villa Balbiano is a spot that will truly astound your guests. Have your ceremony surrounded by the stunning vistas and the exquisite greenery. Although there is truly no need to decorate, the sight does it all for you, you could add some simplistic white florals to the area to take it up a notch.


Simple Seas

Athens is a spectacular spot for a destination wedding. Be surrounded by Grecian sites and classic European beaches. Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel in Athens is a true getaway spot, have a big wedding party and then a relaxing recovery day all under the sun and by the water.


Beyond The Blue

If you are opting for a true Mediterranean destination wedding, Sicily should be number one on your list. You can soak in the ocean, bathe under the sunlight and be perfectly sun kissed of your dream Italian wedding. The Tonnara di Scopello in Sicily is a location that is truly perfect for your destination wedding. 


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