It's A Wrap, A Winter Wrap

Outerwear this season is evolving, we are pondering lightweight elements, airy thoughts and higher-level feelings. Fur wraps, sleek satin boleros and drapey chiffon pieces are the perfect additions to any look for these cooler months. Cover yourself in layers that you lust, layers that love you and love your look - aka jackets and boleros that match your style’s aesthetic and don’t take over your look, but instead perfectly blend with it in the best way possible.

The forecast for winter is set to be chilly and it is important to have layers on the mind, especially when it comes to preparing for winter weddings, black tie functions and seasonal events that are often held outside in the chillier weather. Winter is not yet wrapped up, so now is the perfect time to be thinking about your wrap decisions.


Oversized Overcoats

Command attention in an oversized coat look that brings the drama. For ultimate warmth, it is important to consider a coat that is all things cosy, comfortable and chic. An oversized coat brings all of this to the table, you will always look sophisticated in an oversized coat, and it is the perfect addition to a separates combo – think paired with a dramatic skirt and an off the shoulder top.


All Wrapped Up

Indulge in the ultimate satisfaction of winter fashion with an alluring fur wrap. A fur wrap is the ultimate choice of comfort and style, it is lavish and luxurious. It is the perfect piece for winter bridesmaids or chic winter wedding guests. A fur wrap is a cocoon of comfort and its softness on the skin and cascading on the shoulders invites you to feel the warmth it provides. If you would prefer a lighter option, a chiffon wrap is another way to go, and this is perfect for a mother of the bride



Sleeved Sanity

Sleeved boleros are the perfect choice if you want to add some sleeves to you look. Not only do they provide aesthetic function in keeping you warm, but they are also a great piece for those who wish to cover their arms up a bit more. You can still wear you favourite sleeveless dress and pair it with a bolero if your heart desires. Boleros are sleek, silky to the touch and have a sheen that is oh so shiny, they provide a perfect final touch which keeps you looking polished and sophisticated.


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