Accessories For Mother Of The Brides

The History

Earrings have been around for many thousands of years. Originally from ancient Asia, they were primarily worn by men. In Egypt those who originally wore earrings was to show wealth and high class. 

Earrings became popular on women from the 1950s and this surged in the 70s and have remained a fashion staple since. Different styles of on trend earrigs have moved around the decades, but modern diamond stud earrings made their appearance in the 19th century – and have had staying power.

If you’re wondering how trendy they are, fashion-setter Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, was recently spotted wearing diamond stud earrings.

 Crystal and diamond look earrings are always a great option as they easily glam up any look with a precious and feminine detail. The warm weather is also a calling for statement earrings to complement bare shoulders and a slick back hair do to keep you cool calm and put together. Check out our earring range here, or check out our favourite looks below inspired by Meghan Markle, Oprah
Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston.



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