Makeup For Wedding Guest Dresses

The formality of weddings tend to indicate the level of coverage for your makeup. Whether you are a guest at a black tie, semi formal or casual dress code wedding, it is important to tie your makeup into your look to complement your gown and accessories. One way to do this is by using the colour and texture of your gown as inspiration to indicate the shades for your makeup look.

Pick the right shade for you; figuring out your skin undertones is the best way to find out what colour palettes and hues best suit you and can help when deciding the right shade of foundation, concealer and/or bronzer. Traditionally there are three different skin undertones; warm, cool and neutral. To figure out your undertone, look at the veins on your wrist, if your veins appear green, then you may have warm undertones. If they look blue or purple this usually suggests cooler undertones. If you have a mixture of both you have neutral undertones. Now that you have the foundation laid you are ready to paint your canvas (your face) with beautiful colours to complement your gown and accessories


A Touch Of Shimmer

Black tie weddings call for full coverage makeup which will last throughout the day and night. At a formal black tie wedding, it is important to look for a full length gown that graces the floor. Sequins and beads create the perfect level of extra for this dress code. After applying your base makeup; think of eyeshadow, blush and lipstick as your makeup accessories. Golden bronzed makeup looks are perfect for this dress code. They are a mix of glow during the day and drama for the evening. This can be achieved by applying a soft brown shadow in the crease of your eyelid and adding a golden shimmer shadow on top of the eyelid (make sure to not take the shimmer past the crease). Top with a warm tone neutral lip shade.


From left to right / Jaya Earrings / Morphe Bronze Palette / Ilia Multi StickEstée Lauder Lipstick


Go Bold

For a semi formal dress code, wedding guests tend to wear pops of colour. Colours that are complementary for wedding guests include warm hues such as ruby red and pastel pink. These colours offer a warm and welcoming look, whilst being highly versatile across different wedding venues. As for eye shadow and lipstick; pink and neutral shades pair perfectly with warm tone gowns. Alternatively, try colour blocking your eye shadow shades; an iridescent blue shimmer on top of a neutral shadow can make your eyes pop and contrast your look. 

From left to right / Solange Earrings / Nars Eyeshadow / Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick


A Flourished Face

For more casual wedding dress codes, minimalistic makeup looks are always a go to. Instead of using dark eyeshadow, you could pair your light glowy makeup look with a small wing at the outer corner of your eyelid; using brown eyeliner instead of black will soften the eye look, allowing the makeup to look more appropriate for daytime weddings. Liner can pair nicely with the lines and patterns on floral print dresses. To emphasise the intricate detailing found on embroidered and printed dresses, use petal pink and peach blush shades to match the warm sunset hues at garden and outdoor weddings.

From left to right / Morphe Foundation / Belle Earrings / Ere Perez Eye Pencil / Westman Atelier Blush


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Updated on 27/03/2024


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