Mother of the Bride Style

Originally, mothers of the bride were expected to wear dresses in pastels or washed out shades of beige. Luckily, that's in the past. But now that you’re free to express yourself, determining what the mother of the bride should wear with so many fashionable options can be incredibly overwhelming. 
Pictured below is a few of our favourites, Juliette Mink, Yelena Gunmetal, Linden and the Lola Navy.


1. Let the Bride Be Your Guide

Follow the bride's cues about style, colour, and degree of formality. She and the groom set the tone for the event, whether that means a casual country wedding complete with cowboy boots or a formal black-tie affair. You're an important member of the wedding party and you'll want to look the part.

 2. Location and Season

Planning your mother of the bride outdoor wedding attire is much more complicated than choosing an outfit for a traditional wedding indoors. The most obvious consideration, of course, is the weather—but there’s also a wider range of wedding venues and outdoor wedding types. A beach wedding requires a different approach from a garden party, for instance, and that’s not even factoring in if the bride and groom opt for a theme.

3. Be Organised

According to our bridal experts, you should start searching for your dress no later than three months before the wedding to allow time for special orders and alterations. 

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