Navy Textures And Prints

Barbiecore hot pink and kelly green were definitely two of the most popular colours of the last months, but it's time to move forward and make way for the next fashion colour trend - yet timeless - navy blue.

Most of us are familiar with the navy blue colour, as blue remains one of the more popular colours worldwide. Navy blue is a rich, dark, and intense shade of blue that can be found between primary blue and black. This darker version of blue can definitely be a bold choice; however, the shades and tones of navy blue can also act more as a neutral colour. This means it is versatile, a trouble-free colour to play with, and goes well with many colours.

Want to go dark but not black? Front-row fashion editors are swapping black for navy blue as a colour to show an understated style and a dazzling base colour that breathes elegance and class. It is also a long-lasting colour that will spice up any outfit with its appealing and mysterious feel.


Monochromatic & Textures

Try using a monochromatic colour palette for a more seamless colour combination that can add depth. All the colours in the combination stem for the single colour of navy blue. The difference will be in the shades, so you have dark navy blue to lighter navy blue. The beauty of monochrome dressing is that it denies you colour diversity, but it opens up plenty of options in texture. So help yourself with beads, laces and beautiful embroidery designs.


Go Printed!

A way of adding a bit of colour and bringing fun and freshness to your navy outfit is to add a bit of colour to it. Get yourself a stunning flowy gown with shades of blue or a structured line lace dress with light blue and silver embroidery. This way, you mix the elegance of the darker colour with a pinch of modern style. We bet you will receive all the compliments around.


Cuts That Make All The Difference

If you don't like any textures or prints and your heart vibes to the plain styles, don't worry! We have got you covered. In this case, the best choice is to focus on different cuts, frills, and distinct details. The right cut makes you feel good wearing it and brightens your day at any special event. And the best part: you can be sure that whatever you buy in navy blue is going to stay firmly in fashion forever.


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