Our Guide To Spring Print Dresses & Outfits

Wedding season is just around the corner, so you’ll soon be searching for the perfect printed outfit. Whether you’re looking for cocktail dresses, midi dresses, wrap dresses, maxi dresses, or printed spring dresses, you’ll be sure to find an outfit to keep you looking fresh for spring. 

​Get ready to shake off those winter blues and create some seasonal looks that’ll put a spring in your step. Winter is about wrapping up in big knits and jumpers to keep warm - spring outfits are all about creating a sense of lightness with spring dresses that make us feel vibrant and happy. 

You’ll see in our collection that we have all the latest trends, as well as the timeless classics, so that you’ll look amazing whether it’s with a wedding guest dress, an outfit for a school formal, or a spring race day dress

What Kind of Printed Dresses Should You Wear in the Spring?

This spring, you want dresses that shake off the doldrums of winter, that scream “fun” and are playful while being radiant. Our stylists recommend bright colours, colours including pinks (like the Karli Printed Dress) vibrant reds (like the Flora Print Dress), or something a little more subtle like the Sage Halter dress

But don’t think that every floral dress needs to be a bright colour. Some of our most stellar fashions are the floral prints in dark colours, blacks and dark blues. They’re still floral, but with a mysterious twist. 

Consider the Samira Printed Maxi. Breezy and lightweight, it’s perfect for a night-time stroll along the beach, but would fit in just as well at a school formal or trip to the races.

samira printed dressSamira Printed MaxiLatina Ivory EarringsSamira Printed Maxi 

How to accessories in spring

Accessories allow us to elevate the outfit and can be a nod to the venue or theme. Any accessories you add to the ensemble shouldn't take away from your overall look. For example, if the dress is more on the classic side, you can be trendier with jewellery or a belt.

What type of Spring Dresses are appropriate for Weddings?

With spring comes wedding season, and so along with your casual floral printed dresses, you’re also going to need wedding attire. Fortunately, we can help you there, too, with the formal wedding clothes collection. 

Everyone needs a little black dress, and the Allegra Black Lace Cocktail Dress fits the bill perfectly while still being absolutely suitable for you as a spring wedding guest. Really want to dazzle and sparkle? The Juliette Mink Hand Beaded Gown will steal the show–you may upstage the bride in this subdued but oh-so-exquisite piece. 

Where to Buy Spring Dresses? 

No matter what kind of spring dress you’re looking for, if you want something that will really show off the body you’ve been hiding under jackets all winter long and truly shine like a diamond at any event, then you can’t go wrong with Montique. 

Browse our collection of spring printed dresses and see what you can find, from classy to stand out from the crowd, our spring dresses are perfect for the transitioning weather.

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