Party Trends

Shimmery sequins! Bold prints! Feathers! Party dressing season is upon us, and your invitation to the nightlife is on the way. It's time to go all out! Whether heading to a party or hosting a festive dinner, choose your best outfit.

We must enjoy dressing to impress whenever we can. Party dressing trends change year on year, and if there is something we can see for the party season this year, it's that metallic bursts, feather trims and, of course, sequins are go-to elements to dazzle on the dance floor. Not sure what to wear to your next party? From simple looks that do all the work for you (like rompers and matching sets) to more intricate vibes.


Shiny Sequins

Much like metallics, we'll never get tired of sequins. While sparkly mini dresses make a comeback every party season, take cues from the runway when styling yourself by embracing shimmering maxi silhouettes and matchy glamourous sets. And, of course, a flawless sequin suit never goes astray when it comes to party dressing, right?


Statement Necklines

Although it might not be the first thing some people think of when they start looking for a dress, the neckline is one of the most expressive parts of your outfit - and also the one that appears the most in the event photos. From a detailed ruching one-shoulder neckline to an embellished round neck collar (you won't need to worry about a necklace). Also, is there a party trend that's more fabulous than feathers? Crepe and feathers are the dream team we didn't know we needed until now.


All Shades of Blue

Yep! The most wanted colour of the season, hues of blue, have been everywhere, all at once, and we want it now. Think shades of oceanic blue, cobalt or navy. There is a blue for everyone out there. The cheerful blue is perfect for a wedding, graduation, or bridal shower. It also looks beautiful when featured with both silver or gold jewellery like earrings and necklaces.


Little Black Dresses

And when all else fails, it's a truth universally acknowledged that black is a trend that never goes out of style—an absolute staple for every woman. Whether it's an LBD or a jumpsuit, or the perfect black skirt or trousers to complement just about every other piece in your wardrobe, the darkest hue will never fail to help you feel your sexiest and most sophisticated. Black can be the cornerstone of your look or provide the base for bold prints for extra drama. Opt for a one-shoulder embellished neckline to steal the show at your next late-night event.


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