Seasonless Stretch Crepe

When finding the perfect outfit, one of the most common characteristics people look for is comfortability.

Here at Montique, we are all about providing products which help you to feel cool, confident and comfortable.  It is for this reason that most of our styles are designed using stretch crepe fabric.

To give a little background, crepe is a lightweight and extremely soft fabric.  The added use of elastane in the fabric is what forms the stretch.  In particular, the stretch in the fabric is able to provide our garments with extra ease and comfort.  Crepe fabrics also have a long life expectancy, they require little to no ironing and are resistant to dust and moisture.  What does this mean? Your stretch crepe garments can be pulled out of your wardrobe at any time, always ready to wear!

You’re probably thinking, how can this fabric get any better?

Well, as a matter of fact, stretch crepe can also be referred to as seasonless.

Whether it be summer, autumn, winter, or spring, you will be able to sport this fabric through it all.  Its lightweight, durable, qualities allow it to be breathable in the summer yet comforting in the winter.

Our stretch crepe styles offer a unique yet radiating look for all.

To showcase this fabric, we have the new and improved AERIN DRESS. This dress creates a strong foundation for endless, modern styling options.  Whether it be a work event, wedding, christening, race day or gala, the Aerin Stretch Crepe Dress is the perfect look. 

Stay comfortable yet sophisticated, with a range of colours to choose from. The Aerin displays a new level of elegance and can be accessorised with either a classic belt, earrings, bracelet or necklace.  It’s stunning drape effect adds a level of warmth in the winter, and cooling effect in the summer.

Get your hands on this seasonless dress NOW.  It’s a whole new level of breath-taking fashion!


Looking for all styles in our stretch crepe? Shop our range of styles in seasonless Stretch Crepe


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