Significant Details, The Sleeve

Dresses with sleeves are the perfect choice when seeking for sophistication in your look. A sleeved dress is the perfect seasonal style and there is not just one kind of sleeves to suit all occasions. You can become inspired with sleeves that just go over one shoulder, three quarter sleeves and billowing sleeves. Sleeves add an aesthetic dimension to your look, whether you are searching for a dress for a wedding guest look or you are a black-tie attendee. Sleeves also make for great work dresses as they are appropriate and sophisticated.

If you want to opt for a dress with sleeves as opposed to a dress with thin straps or short sleeves then the best options are those which have dimensional qualities as these will ensure you will stand out. Sleeves in themselves often add that much needed extra detail that makes or breaks your look.


Soft Sleeves

These are the kinds of sleeves that add an element of softness to your look. They are not heavy yet they add extra fabric to balance your dress and insert dimensional qualities. These sleeves are the perfect choice for your desk to dinner look or for a casual lunch look. Pair these airy, breezy, lightweight style sleeves with some heavy jewellery to add a superb contrast look.


Slimming Sleeves

Sleeves are the perfect element to play with when you want to add a slimming quality to your look. You can do this is two ways – wear long or three-quarter sleeves that are tight and dark coloured to add illusionistic qualities. The second way is to play with puff sleeves which not only adds an element of fun but is also perfect to create a slimming look.


Play With Proportions

Sleeves aren’t always what you think they may be. You can play with sleeve styles by wearing cape style sleeves or having fun with one sleeved dresses. By doing this you are playing with proportions and add some elegant and modern sophistication to your look.  


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