Spotlight On Sky Blue

Bright summer styles are lighting up the streets, and it's time to bring out your favourite fresh colours and breezy fabrics. We have seen a lot of come-back trends from the early 2000s and the order, for now, is: to revive the pastel colours but put a modern spin on them. And if blue hues hold a special place in your heart and your closet, it's the perfect time to pair them in playful new ensembles because this season is about sky blue - the latest and most beloved version of baby blue.

The light blue shade, the colour of water and the sky, is perfect for creating easy-chic, elegant, and "fresh" outfits for spring and summer. You can find it in different pastel shades, from the most intense to the most delicate. Learn how to style sleek monochromatic blue outfits, explore the world of texture, and mix complementary palettes for effortless shades of blue from sea to sky.


The Mother Of The Bride 

There's nothing quite as effortlessly chic as a monochromatic ensemble. Blue offers the perfect palette for matching looks, from breezy daytime pastels to rich navy evening outfits. You can also create a streamlined look with perfectly matched shades of blue - like a lace A-line dress. Lighter colours tend to draw the eye, so use the opportunity to highlight your favourite features - a sparkly blue beaded dress will make this moment (and outfit) unforgettable. A mid-length chiffon dress will be the best choice if you like plain flowy fabrics. For that subtle step-up, adorns silver diamantes around the shoulders and neckline for added glamour.


The Wedding Guest

Sky blue is not only incredibly flattering but also a versatile and timeless colour that works well in every event. So if you are looking for that special outfit that you won't wear only once, try these cool blue aesthetic outfits that will definitely update your look. You will turn heads dressed head-to-toe in a silky halter neck dress, and all for the right reason. A short, off-the-shoulders dress with a classic straight cut gives the image of freshness and elegance. Match those with lighter neutrals, like tan and white, for summer daytime wear, and transition to evening by mixing in darker greys, navy and black.



Light blue is versatile so you can wear many different accessories. The shoes that go best with sky-blue dresses are heels or pumps in nude colours such as white, cream or ivory. However, to add that extra glamour, you won't be wrong in metallic shades, especially gold and silver. For an extra pop, wear darker blue shade earrings or something opposite on the colour wheel, like orange, pink or yellow, which will make a nice contrast against the cool shade and make an indeed statement. Mixing colours will make you feel fresh and fashion-forward. Another way to accessorize your sky blue hue is by wearing an accessory with a bit of shimmer, like gold or silver jewellery. – it's all about standing out.


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