Staple Wardrobe Dresses

We all know about the usual wardrobe staple styles that one must have to get through the week. Think the classic button down t shirt, the blazer, jeans and a chic trouser, but beyond that what other wardrobe staples should be filling your closet? You have events to go to and weddings to attend, and jeans just won’t cut it for these types of occasions. Wardrobe staples extend beyond these classics and into the realm of event wear and after 5pm dresses. Haven’t you ever had a last minute invite to drinks and you are stuck with the question of – what ever will I wear?

From little black dresses to printed dresses, your wardrobe needs to be stocked and ready to go for the new year ahead. You need a plethora of styles and colours to choose from that will suit a number of different events. Don’t stress yourself out by leaving the choices to the last minute. Once you have a base of a selection of styles to choose from, you can then use accessories such as earrings and belts to dress these styles up or down depending on where you are going.


A Summer Dress

A summer dress is a core essential when it comes to what’s in your wardrobe. The summer dress can be a variety of things, from little black dresses to little white dresses to the versatile printed dress that will be your very best companion for seasons to come. The important elements to look for when purchasing the summer dress is that it is lightweight, timeless for summers ahead and the perfect length for your body type – you may prefer a knee length dress over a midi dress or visa versa.


A Desk To Dinner Dress

The desk to dinner dress should occupy a spot in every girl’s wardrobe. We all have those mid-week events that we need to get to speedily once the clock hits 5pm. No time to change? Simply wear your work dress to the office and then pop on some earrings, change your shoes from ballet flats to strappy heels and add in a clutch. From wrap dresses to shirt dresses for a more casual occasion, to halter neck dresses and off the shoulder dresses for when it is a more dressy event after clock off time.


The Versatile Midi

The midi dress is a must when it comes to wardrobe staples. The midi dress will get you through summer events, garden parties and a girls’ brunch on a Sunday (a midi dress pairs perfectly with mimosas!). You can dress a midi dress up or down with earrings and shoes also.


The Gown

The annual black-tie event? Or a wedding that asks you to come dressy? The gown is a must have when it comes to these types of occasions. Dress codes often ask you to come dressed as black tie which traditionally means a full length dress or a gown. Don’t deal with the hassle of trying to find such an extravagant look last minute, instead have one ready to go in your wardrobe for your next VIP invite.


A Party Dress

From sequins to beads to feathers – the party dress is a must for anyone who loves a boogie on the dance floor and a few margs amongst the disco atmosphere. The party dress is one for the birthday girl, the wedding attendee, and the frequent party goer. Add some jewellery to make your look pop for any party or special occasion.


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