Tell Me: What Shoes Will Go With My Beaded Dress?

We are here to answer the frequently asked question - what shoes should I be wearing with my hand beaded dress? Not to be mistaken with an FAQ but this burning question has us styling some hand beaded gowns with some shoe inspiration in this edit so you can be well and truly prepared for your next event. 

From mothers of the bride to bridesmaids and brides, there are many who are wearing the hand beaded dress but a wedding is usually the most popular. This is likely because you want to sparkle on the dance floor or match the bubbles in your champagne glass. Either way a wedding is definitely one occasion where you have the excuse to sparkle, whoever you are. But who are we kidding, you have the excuse to sparkle wherever you go - so yes, you have our permission to wear that hand beaded dress to even go the the markets. But still, what shoes will you wear with it? 


Keep It Simple & Go Nude

The simplest option is to go nude. And by nude we mean nude coloured shoes, obviously. Whether you are wearing a sky blue number or a champagne coloured beaded gown, nude coloured heels are a perfect option. They are simple, straightforward and not hard to find, you likely even already have a pair in your closet. The type of nude shoe? We suggest a strappy shoe paired with a fresh pedi. 


Block It Out With Colour

Colour blocking is simple, the hardest part is finding the right colour. So I guess you could say it is a little harder than it sounds because the blue in your dress might be an impossible colour to hunt down in shoes. You may have a sky blue coloured gown but only be able to find cobalt blue coloured shoes (we aren't stopping you though if you want to go tonal!). It is another great option though and of course it doesn’t have to be the exact same shade down to a tee, but something similar coloured to you dress would look oh so chic. 


Match Your Sequins, Match Your Sparkle

The third option? Match your sequin, and we believe this is an important thing to remember when you pick out your jewellery also. A silver fleck in your beaded dress? Try silver coloured shoes or a silver crystal heel (mwah!). If you have a gold sequin then a gold shoe is a great option. You know the drill by now, and the same goes for rose gold coloured sequins. This one is a simple trick to remember when you are shoe shopping post hand beaded dress shopping.


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