Emerald Green Dresses for Every Occasion

You know how they say the grass is greener on the other side? We believe this to be true – especially when the ‘other side’ involves lush green gem tones and endless shades of shiny emerald greens. Emerald is the colour of the season. Think luxury and opulence and a colour that is so very versatile. A work function? Emerald. A party? Emerald. A wedding? Emerald. The colour is perfect for any and every occasion. You could try emerald sequin dresses, long dresses, long sleeved dresses or cocktail dresses.

With spring wedding just around the corner, bridesmaids to be dressed and party girls to shine – the emerald green dress is the perfect option. Pair emerald with a little more emerald for a monotone look or a silver or gold jewel to balance out your outfit. Earrings never go astray when it comes to styling your look for your big event this season.


Sequins in Shades of Green

Sequins are so trendy right now and you need them in your wardrobe. Sequin dresses are perfect for party season (which is right around the corner!). Whether it be a sequin party dress or you want to wear a sequin dress for your wedding guest look – sequins are for you no matter what the occasion. They are even perfect for your upcoming vacation - there is bound to be a party night abroad. 


Your Green Team

Bridesmaids in green? We think yes! With spring just around the corner have your gals wear shades of emerald for luxurious gem tones that scream garden wedding and forest weddings. Mix and match your maids in different cuts and fabrics while keeping the same green tones for an ultimate chic and sophisticated aesthetic. Any mother of the brides listening in? Opt for shades of rose gold, mink or navy for your mother of the bride dress to perfectly compliment the green squad. 



A Spring Wedding Green

Lush and velvety – there’s nothing that sounds better than this, except green lush and emerald velvets. Opt for an emerald velvet dress for your next occasion or a full-length emerald dress. You will look oh so luxe and chic for any upcoming weddings. You wedding guest wardrobe should consist of a few emerald tones for an on trend and lush look. An emerald satin midi dress or a long sleeve dress would also be a perfect number for your next wedding.



An Emerald Jewel

You can’t forget the jewels, especially the emerald jewels at that. Pair a little emerald on emerald this season and wear emerald for your dress – a sequin dress or a long sleeve dress, a midi dress or a full-length dress – they all go with emerald accessories. You could even do a matching emerald heel for a very put together look that will make everyone green with envy.



You will always look your best in Montique! For more fashion tips or information on our dresses and products, contact us at customerservice@intermoda.com.au to be in touch with our customer service team, or shop our new arrivals now!

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