The History Of The Wrap Dress

The wrap dress has withstood the challenge of staying on trend throughout the years, and continues to be an iconic style that is a staple for every wardrobe. We have looked back at the history behind the wrap dress and handpicked our favourite wrap dresses, designed to make you feel feminine, comfortable and powerful all at once!


The Beginning

The wrap dress has origins in American designer sportswear dating back to the 1930’s, defined by an elastic style of fabric that wrapped around the waist. During the Great Depression, houses dresses known as ‘hooverettes’ were a popular wrap style for housewives, adorned with a robe-like sash and wrap front that could tie on either side - perfect if you got your dress dirty! 

In the 1940’s, dresses continued to be influenced by functionality. Clare McCardell designed a version of the wrap dress that she coined the “popover dress,” which was a response to the busy lifestyles of women. The dress was as conventional as it was comfortable, offering the housewives the ability to fulfill their responsibilities with ease. 

The Pop-Over Dress


The Re Invention

In the early 1970’s, Diane von Furstenburg produced twenty thousand cotton jersey wrap dresses that sold immediately. While she didn’t necessarily invent the wrap dress, she certainly perfected it. Her version was a collared, long sleeve shirt dress that wrapped around the waist and accentuated the bodice. She added a v-neck, a sash that tied at the waist rather than any clips, and chose stretchy jersey fabric - all features that were preferred by women across the world as they offered sophisticated comfort. 

The wrap dress soon became a symbol for women’s freedom from restricting styles and defined the newly liberated woman in the fashion world. “Simplicity and sexiness, that’s what people want,” Diane von Furstenburg said to Vogue when speaking about the wrap dress - it was easy to slip on, could be worn from day to night and suited every silhouette. 

Diane von Furstenburg Wrap Dress

The Wrap Today

The wrap dress has remained a popular style today because it fits any body shape well and flatters every silhouette. It combines beauty and practicality for the modern woman - a waist tie and floaty skirt offers comfort, while the shape highlights your best features! Effortless and easy to wear, the wrap dress is perfect for any occasion, from a garden party to a black tie event. Adorned by fashion forward celebrities on the red carpet, to the everyday woman going to work or an event, the wrap dress will continue to grace the fashion world for a long time to come. Shop our favourite wrap dresses online at Montique. 


Our Favourite Formal Wrap Dress

Amalia Gown

From a micro wedding to a black-tie intimate affair, the Amalia Gown is your go-to wrap dress for versatile sophistication and is sure to become a timeless treasure in your wardrobe. Adorned in subtle sequins at the waist and shoulders and offering a comfortable fit made from jersey knit, the Amalia is your perfect day to dinner LBD. Dress it up or down for any occasion. The Amalia embodies Diane von Furstenburg's vision of a wrap dress being comfortable and simple, yet stunning on every body shape and any silhouette. 

Our Favourite Floral Wrap Dresses

A floral wrap dress is an undoubtedly feminine choice for every occasion. Choose a wrap dress with a floral print that is decorated in opulent floral prints and which can be worn up or down, from a garden wedding to drinks at the beach!

You will always look your best at the races in Montique! For more fashion tips or information on our dresses and products, contact us at to be in touch with our customer service team, or shop our new arrivals now!


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