The Little White Dress Book

The wedding day is the day that every girl thinks about from when they are little. When the day finally comes around there is so much to consider. We’ll make one thing easier – the after-party dress. It may be an after thought for many, but for others the after-party dress is a must have. Get out of the gown and into something a little lighter and a little more comfortable to have a boogie in.

The after-party dress can be many things but it should consider these elements – comfortability, length and versatility. A shorter dress could be one option, a short dress is easy to dance in and easy to put on after wearing a full-length gown for your ceremony. Another chic option is a playful jumpsuit, it is not only oh so comfortable but also very sophisticated. A third option is something fun – think feathers and sequins, after all it is the ‘after party’.


Short & Sparkly

There is nothing that screams after party like a sequin dress, especially an ivory sequin dress – the most special little white dress. A sequin dress screams disco party and sparkling skies. Opt for a sequin cocktail dress, a shorter dress is a great choice for the after party and it is a little more comfortable than a long gown. Take the sparkle to the next level with some sparkling jewellery and a chic bag.


A Bit Of Play

As day turns to night more shenanigans tend to arise, if this sounds like how your wedding will be, then a jumpsuit is a top choice. A jumpsuit allows you to be able to dance freely on the dance floor and move around your reception with ease. For a classic bridal after party look wear a jumpsuit with some sparkly shoes and some equally sparkly earrings. If you want to implement some colour now is the time too, you can pair it with your something blue and try some glistening blue earrings.


Feathered Up

Weddings make us all choked up but feathers do not. An after party look that consists of feathers is one that will never age. Feathers are fun and whimsical, and they add the perfect amount of sweetness to an after party (and did we mention they look amazing on the dance floor). Wear your feathered cocktail dress with some chic pumps and some bold jewellery – you could opt for some fun colourful earrings or stick to bridal beauty with some simple pearl earrings. A bridal headpiece also wouldn’t go astray – it is the perfect addition to your after-party look, after all.


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