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There really are no rules when it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses – the bride can choose what route to go down based on the location, the season and her own personal preferences when it comes to style, colour and design. These days more and more weddings are steering away from tradition also, with brides now opting to wear colours other than white and weddings being more micro. One of the trends we are loving to see is bridesmaids wearing black and white for the big day – a look that we think is classic and elegant.

It could be a little black dress or a little white dress or more of a black full-length gown or a white midi number. Maybe the bride wants to match her bridesmaids in ivory tones or maybe the bride wants a stark contrast and have the bridesmaids in a perfect black number. Either way we have your black and white wedding covered with our favourite picks and how to style them below.


Adore Noir

Mix & Match Bridesmaids

We adore noir when it comes to dresses. The little black dress is a revolution and everyone must have one – even the bridesmaids. A black dress will suit all shapes and sizes and you can even mix and match black dresses by having each bridesmaid wear a different black style and have a unifying accessory – such as a pair of earrings or a bouquet of white tulips.



Matching Bridesmaids

If you prefer your bridesmaids to match in black opt for a sleek dress – whether it is a full-length dress or a cocktail dress is up to you. Pair any style with some gorgeous matching jewellery and a pair of slinky heels for a cohesive look. This black dress will photograph gorgeously against the bride’s white gown.


Beautiful in Blanc

Mix & Match Bridesmaids

If you are choosing to dress your bridesmaids in white alongside yourself it is a great idea to choose dresses that have a different neckline, a subtle pattern or a unique embellishment so that their looks aren’t too similar to yours. You will achieve a bit of a contrast but the all-white bridal party look will still be classic and elegant nonetheless. Each bridesmaid can wear ivory in a different style for a unique mix and match look.



Matching Bridesmaids

Never stray from a chic jumpsuit when it comes to dressing your bridal party – and an all-white all in one is a fabulous way to go. The different style will contrast from your own wedding gown. The girls will look oh so sleek and sophisticated in a jumpsuit number when they walk down the aisle holding their bouquets.



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