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Tie dye was a big trend in the 70s and is already a fashion constant in the year's hottest season. However, given its colourful typology, it's easy to get tired of it and look for different options from the most repeated ones. But we are far from abandoning this pattern, and instead we are innovating it through new shape and colour. From the eternal tie-dye came a variant that, although easily confused, has its own name. We are talking about watercolour or gradient prints, a print which emulates the effect of this style of painting on paper through an infusion of hued stains. 

This variant of the hippie print brings an artistic touch and renews a trend in a more elegant way than its predecessor. You can call it the sophisticated older sister to tie dye's youthful energy.

The trend is the translation of an uncomplicated aesthetic, but still worthy of a modern and urban woman. The different shades blend like a real work of art. Do you want a more lavish production? Light transitions will bring breath-taking harmony and transform your look into something unforgettable. Meanwhile, free and bold shapes can win the hearts of women looking for a bold and vibrant look, as if an ink brush had been the ally in creating the piece's print. 

In fashion companies, it has already escaped in several collections, starring mainly pieces in satin or silk, a fabric with which it combines with perfectly. At the other extreme, we find watercolour prints closer to ombrés and gradients. 


If you're ready to upgrade your summer lineup with an intriguing swirl of watercolor, see how to style the emerging trend.


More Power To The Look

Pieces with tie dye can become more serious if done with more softer colours. Already in earthy tones, they top the list of most desired colours in recent times. The gradient print can work as a powerful colour point in the look, ensuring liveliness to your image.


Dressed Up In Watercolour 

Although tie-dye style prints are very colourful, they can be discreet and invade party pieces. The pattern can make the wedding guest outfit or summer dinner look much cooler and more modern. To ensure the effect, bet on oversized pieces to compose the overlap. Also, use mimimal accessories to make the outfit more fun and full of attitude.



Pastel Tones

Indeed, a tie-dye piece tends to be more eye-catching. However, you can add a touch of softness to the look by choosing clothes with lighter tones, such as pastels. Then, enjoy and match the colour of the pieces with accessories.


Vibrant And Saturated Prints

Vibrant and saturated colours like blue, pink, green and violet make up the most modern prints of the season. Everything has to do with summer, which requires lighter and more comfortable pieces to face the season's hottest days.


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