Wedding Dress Codes For Wedding Season

Peak wedding season – spring time, popular dress codes – anything from cocktail to black tie to lavish garden parties, and the only thing to wonder next – what ever will I wear?! We are amidst wedding season currently and you have invites to RSVP to and calendar dates to fill. You need a dress that is perfect for every wedding occasion, think flowy midi dresses, full length gowns and fabulous cocktail dresses. It is important that your dress not only suits the theme and the dress code of the wedding, but that it is suitable for your personal style.


Cosmopolitan Cocktail Chic

A city wedding - so chic, so cosmopolitan and so classic. The city wedding is for the couple that loves the hustle of city life – think being surrounded by tall buildings, fast movers and a little bit of attention from fellow city goers. If you have been invited to a chic city wedding it may be held at a hotel, nearby the classic columns of the public city library or around some lavish landmarks. A city wedding is usually a cocktail dress code affair, you need your best cocktail frock, a pair of strappy heels and some chunky jewellery.


Island Goddess

Oh, you have sun kissed skin and blonde highlights – what more do you need! Maybe a brightly coloured dress? With some flowy ruffles? The island wedding is the couple that loves a vacay and is really quite lax – think we don’t really have a dress code – come as you are vibes. Note: come as you are, in our vocabulary is all about dressing in your true personal style. Last minute island weddings, micro weddings and beach weddings in destinations such as Hawaii or Mexico usually call for a smart casual dress code – think you, but elevated. So, grab that midi dress and some cute minimalistic jewellery and head for the sand (and maybe a Paloma while you’re at it)



An Oh So Fancy Wedding

You have a fancy affair coming up – first thoughts: oh yay I get to pop on my best, most fancy frock. Second thought: oh no I don’t have a fancy frock, and what will be fancy enough for this occasion? Fancy weddings usually call for a white tie or a black-tie dress code. Both of which are pretty similar – although white tie usually calls for a pair of gloves and an up do look. Black tie still likes a full-length gown but you could also get away with a cocktail dress or a sophisticated jumpsuit. Once you have your gown ready all you need is a pair of heels, some jewellery – think colourful or metallic, and a cute clutch.



Church Bells Ringing

We can hear the church bells ringing – how exciting! A church wedding is classic – think veils and big bouquets and the sounds of bells and church hymns. A church ceremony is usually held during the day or in the early afternoon and the perfect dress for this occasion is a gorgeous pastel coloured midi dress or a floral printed dress. Something that isn’t too revealing is perfect for this type of dress code – cocktail dresses, midi dresses and long dresses are all perfect choices.



Countryside Garden Wedding

And if you aren’t wearing those floral prints to a church wedding, wear them to that garden wedding you have been invited to instead. Any invitation that starts with winery, country, backyard or garden screams floral print dresses and whimsical silhouettes. A wedding in the countryside could even require your dress to be paired with some chic boots – country style is always in. Other pairings include sunglasses and colourful jewellery (and wine, of course!)



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