The Difference Between Spring And Autumn Races

We are constantly evolving and rules are endlessly ever changing, and this includes dress code rules. This means it can often be confusing when you are invited to a certain occasion at a certain time of year, one is often left wondering - what is the appropriate dress code for this particular event. You scour the internet and call all of your friends for answers but you may still be left jumping through hoops to find the perfect dress to suit the day. The race season can often evoke these feelings. Races are predominantly held two different times of the year. One being in spring which is infamous for the pastel coloured Oak’s Day and the bold and bright Melbourne Cup. In addition to the spring races, autumn is another season which embraces horse racing events too.

The races are fun, a time for dressing up and letting loose. Many take fashions on the field and race day dress codes very seriously, but there is nothing to be too overwhelmed by as it comes down to a few simple steps for both the autumn races and the spring race season. Understanding the difference between the two types of race seasons also helps out with choosing certain styles for the day. 


A Guide For Both Autumn Race Days And Spring Race Days

It is important that there is a level of elegance and class embedded in your outfit for race day. The race season is not the event to show up in your ripped jeans or any too revealing silhouettes. Keep knee length dresses and midi length dresses in mind when you are styling yourself for the races, as these are perfectly suitable for the day. Jumpsuits and tops and skirts are also a good idea while still keeping suitable lengths in mind. Steer away from any styles that seem like they would be more suited towards an evening wedding, and instead consider more flowy dresses, satin midi dresses, and any styles that would look good for the daytime.

Whether it be the autumn races or the spring races, a head piece is always a good idea. Think about headbands and even hair pins for your race event. Obviously, you want them to tie in with your outfits so it is often important to think about what dress you will be wearing first and then find a headband that will fit the same vibe for your race day. With the headpiece in mind, it is also important to think about styling as well as hair and makeup. Make sure it all ties in together well.

Jewellery is another important addition for race season. Jewellery such as earrings or bracelets can allow your look to be taken to a next level. Jewellery can be the final touch that ties the whole look together and contrasting pieces are the best ideas for race season as they can create a bold yet jarring look that will have all eyes on you.


The Autumn Races

Going from summer to winter can often prove difficult when it comes to choosing what to wear for the change in weather. The autumn racing season is a good time to add a jacket or bolero to you look for a little extra arm coverage as the days get cooler. A dress with sleeves is also a good idea for the autumn races as this will be functional but will also make you look elegant and chic, which is the correct formula for any race day style. Textures and colours play a large role at autumn races. Textures bring in a dimensional element that will have you looking on trend and sophisticated. Autumn races require a more autumnal colour palette which can include jewel tones and classic neutrals such as navy and black. Prints and deep hues are also perfect for the autumn races.


The Spring Races

The spring races are an obvious time for floral printed dresses, pastel coloured numbers, flirty and fun embellishments such as feather trimmed dresses, and bold and bright colours. Spring races allow you to show a little more skin due to the fact that the days are getting warmer and bright colours are on the mind. Pair your brightly coloured dress with a colourful head band and some glowing jewellery to look spring race ready. The spring race days all have strict dress codes, Caulfield Cup calls for a colourful look, Oak’s Day or Ladies Day requires feminine silhouettes and pastel-coloured dresses, Derby Day asks for your best black dress or little white dress, and the big Melbourne Cup is time for a bold and daring look.


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