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What to Wear at a Corporate Event

What to Wear at a Corporate Event

Sometimes the most high-pressure events we have to attend are work related.  With work balls and galas approaching, it’s time to get shopping!

We know this type of occasion can be quite daunting which is why we are here to help you find your perfect style to feel both confident and glamorous. For some you may have a specific dress code, however for others this may not be the case.  Either way, you want to look elegant and appropriate for the event.

Something important we’d like to point out is that anything is possible if you wear it the right way…

What do we mean by this you might be thinking?  Well, not into dresses? No problem, suit up in a sophisticated jumpsuit.  Don’t like wearing a long gown? Opt for a fancy cocktail dress and even add some stockings. Can’t do heels? No need to stress, grab yourself a stunning pair of embellished flats. Your choices are endless ladies! 

Below we have provided a number of different style categories to help you decide what you think suits you and your event best.  Between gowns, jumpsuits and cocktail dresses, beaded, chiffon, and stretch crepe, we have it all.  With a range of colours to also choose from, you’ll be sure to find a style that’s right for you. Take a look now!


Accessories are also a very important part of an outfit.  When choosing what jewellery to match, our tip is to consider the neckline of your top and style of your outfit.  Always aim for two pieces, like earrings paired with either a necklace or bracelet.  For example, if you’re sporting a one-shoulder or strapless style, we would suggest a statement pair of earrings and bracelet.  However, you must remember, if you are wearing a glitzy gown, keep your jewellery elegant and soft.  For a simpler style outfit, you can wear louder jewellery pieces.

Another accessory which is usually forgotten is a wrap or bolero.  As we are entering Winter, it is always important to consider the outside temperature and whether you will need to accessorise your outfit with such.  For a wrap or bolero that will compliment your style choice, shop ours here

Looking for more ideas? Shop our black tie collection and day to night collection now!