What To Wear For NYE

In the last few hours leading up to midnight we all tend to lean towards all things glamourous, indulgent and frankly, a little over the top (but in the best way possible!). New Years Eve brings the best kinds of action – from champagne and oysters to harbourside fireworks and caviar treatment. Now, NYE isn’t just all about the fun and the food, we love NYE because it means shimmering dresses, sequins galore and bright colours to get you through the never-ending celebrations.

There are many kinds of celebrations that people partake in during NYE. You may be staying in for the night with your partner with a cheese platter in hand and a viewing of New Years Eve. Or if you are a bit more of a party goer – you may be off to the best VIP events or could be pouring champas at a famous house party. Your NYE is whatever you choose it to be, but we know you need the perfect look for the occasion.


A Harbour Fireworks Viewing

Look the part for when the fireworks act the part. A boat party is one of the best ways to go when it comes to NYE events. Think you in a brightly coloured dress, champagne, the harbour and the fireworks in the background – how perfect is that picture. A brightly coloured dress will have you looking and feeling as immaculately lit up as the fireworks will be. Pair your dress with some matching earrings and some more chic accessories for a put together NYE look.


A House Party

A jumpsuit is the perfect option for a house party situation. You know you still want to be dressed up (it is NYE after all) but you do want to be comfortable for when it gets later at night and you want to start to wind down around the TV and have the final countdown while watching the fireworks on LIVE air. Pick a brightly coloured jumpsuit to match the atmosphere of the night and bring dopamine colours into the new year with you!


Staying In, Chilling Out

Treat yourself to good food and drinks and a good casual dress to countdown in. You could be staying in with friends or family and just spending the evening winding down and watching good festive movies or waiting for the fireworks to start (and we don’t blame you if you are just here for the 9pm fireworks). A casual dress will get you through the night and will keep you feeling festive and comfortable. Opt for a wrap dress which is a style perfectly suited for all body types.



Champagne Service

A restaurant booking? Perfect! Good food and good outfits go hand it hand. Whether you are going for a romantic dinner or you are off to try a funky new restaurant to ring in the new year with friends – a cocktail dress is essential. An off the shoulder dress brings the drama and elegance that is perfect for an NYE night. Go for a bold colour dress like green or pink to make your last outfit of the year your best one yet!


A VIP Event

Do you have an exclusive invitation for NYE? It is time to consider the dress code, the location of the event and if there is a theme – all of these elements should be considered when choosing your look. It could be a black-tie function or gala or a cocktail party. There could even be a theme like black and white dresses or metallics.



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