Perfecting Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Nowadays a wedding defies tradition, and mismatched bridesmaids dresses are a major contemporary trend that is popular for any wedding style. Mismatched dresses give your bridal party the opportunity to choose dresses that suit their individual body shapes and allow them to express their personal style. The key is to curate a collection of dresses that are not disconnected from each other, and will instead create a complementary and consistent ensemble. We share some tips from our stylists on how to successfully pull it off. 


Choose a way to work your mismatched bridal party

Same Dress, Different Colours 

If you have found your dream bridesmaids dress, don’t be afraid to stray from tradition and opt for different colours of the same dress. This allows you to embrace the mismatched vision, whilst your bridal party will have the same silhouette in complementing colours. We recommend limiting the different colours to no more than three variations and choose colours within the same colour palette for a coherent combination. 



Same Colour, Different Dresses

Choosing the same colour but with different dresses is an option for the bride who would like to follow tradition, but still want to showcase aspects of uniqueness in her wedding. This choice acknowledges that your bridesmaids have diverse body shapes and individual personal styles to work with - and what better way than the freedom to choose the dress to match. Letting your girls pick their favourite style for their body means they will find something to flatter their body shape so they are confident and feel good on your special day. 
















Same Colour, Different Textile

Opting for the same colour but in a different fabric is an adventurous choice that will add another dimension of textiles and textures to your bridal party. The key is to choose one colour choice and find different dresses in varying textile - think beads, sequins, lace, chiffon or even feathers. The beautiful ensemble of varying textures and fabrics adds a modern touch to your bridal party and looks stunning in photographs. 
















Same Print and Colour Palette, Different Dresses

For a daring and outstanding look, try the choice of the same colour palette with different dresses. There are many different options of how to approach this, but we recommend sticking within the same colour palette and work with different tones and hues. Romantic pastels and soft neutrals like pink or champagne will create an ethereal look to the bridal party. Dark shades like navy or emerald work well for a winter wedding, especially if it’s held in a lush landscape or rustic chapel. Opulent floral prints mirror the beauty of a spring wedding and are a perfect choice for your bridal party.















Find one element to keep consistent 
It is important to ensure one common feature is kept consistent, like the neckline, silhouette, hemline, colour palette or fabric so that it doesn’t look disjointed or disconnected. Designate one element to keep the same and make sure each dress shares this detail. This will link the whole look together for a perfectly coordinated bridal party.


Keep the bouquets the same 

The perfect way to tie your bridal party’s look together is with matching bouquets by choosing a colour scheme and flowers that complement every dress. Focus on neutral tones and solid colour bouquets to create a complementary ensemble. 


Put your look together with matching accessories

Another way to keep your bridal party look consistent is by opting for matching accessories where needed. Jewellery, hair accessories, shoes and even the type of makeup and hair you choose can help bring together your look and perfect the mismatched style. We recommend opting for the same up-do hairstyle, choosing the same statement earrings or even incorporating floral headpieces to finish off your bridal party look.


Set rules for your bridesmaids so you can guide them in the right direction, but remember to have fun and be playful with your choices. 


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