Musings On The Colour Silver

Silver reigns as a timeless shade, that is visually characterised by its sleek, metallic reflective nature. Silver is commonly associated with the colour grey, as silver tones are achieved by seamlessly blending a mix of black and white to create various shades of grey. Finished by an immersion of metallic flakes to achieve the desired gentle reflection. Silver embodies opulence, wisdom and sophistication radiating the essence of femininity. With a wave of futuristic fashion designs, silver offers a new take on staple fashion pieces. The Silver Institute (2024) reported a resurgence in silver accessories. Seen with newly trending silver ballet flats, hair pins and statement jewellery. Silver is a classic colour that is here to stay.

Silver has traditionally been decorated and associated with iconic figures in popular culture. Audrey Hepburn wore an iconic glittering silver dress in Two For The Road (1967), the Paco Rabanne style was made for the silver screen. Another silver moment on the silver screen is Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby (1974). Silver is highly versatile as it is a sleek bold colour that can take shape in various silhouettes to align with every personality. Silver can be transformed by; glossy metallics, sequin embellishments and subtle lustre in jewellery.

From left to right / Audrey Hepburn in Two For The Road (1967) / Edie Earrings & Alinda Dress / Bogart Jumpsuit & Grace Gown / Quinn Earrings / BTS AW24 / Silver Heels / Mia Farrow in The Great Gatsby (1974) / Elodie Bangles


Styling Sequins

Silver is highly versatile and can be dressed up for a formal gala or dressed down for a casual dinner party. You can make your look fit your personality as well as the formality of the occasion, whether that be by choosing a head-to-toe silver sequin ensemble or an accent of silver. Sequins add a textural element to a look giving a luxurious reflective shimmer against natural light. Personalities who opt for silver sequin embellishments are individuals who are confident and comfortable standing out. Sequins do not just have to be for the bold and daring, sequins can be toned down by a two tone jumpsuit or simple accessories.



Metallic silver is a colourway that can not be overlooked. It’s crafted with luxurious lamé fibres and delicate silver flecks. As light dances across the surface of the fabric, it sets off a dazzling display of shimmering hues with an ethereal glow. Silver metallic gowns are perfect for formal or black tie events. Alternatively, if you opt for a neutral coloured dress, infuse silver into your look by incorporating metallic accessories such as earrings, headbands and heels. Metallic heels or ballet flats paired with a full length gown adds a shimmering touch to every step.


Subtlety Silver

In fashion silver does not come runner up to gold, as silver dresses and accessories are equally as beautiful and can be styled in an abundance of ways. All it comes down to is personal preference; think about what colour jewellery and accessories you gravitate towards, this will indicate what metallic shades suit your undertones. Silver accessories add the perfect balance of vibrancy and shine to a look. An eye catching sequin cape, battered finish silver bangle or chandelier earrings can create a nuanced look with a simple gown, by drawing out the fine silver details on the gown.


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Updated on 21/05/2024


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