Mother Of The Bride & Groom Dress Codes

Aside from the bride and groom themselves; their mothers play a pivotal role in the wedding ceremony, therefore, their gowns should be reflective of this. The mother of the bride and groom's gowns should encapsulate the essence of modern femininity while paying homage to tradition in a way that will leave a lasting impression on this special day while sending their son and daughter down the aisle. Their attire should be a harmonious blend of elegance, comfort, and appropriateness, reflecting the wedding's overall theme and level of formality. Along with the assigned dress code, the mother of the bride and groom should ask their son or daughter if they have any special requests for their mother’s gowns.

Navigating wedding dress codes can pose a challenge for some. We want to build your confidence when decoding your daughter or son’s wedding dress code. Ensuring all mothers of the bride and groom look and feel their best on the momentous day of unionship. Popular dress codes this season include formal black tie, cocktail garden and casual beach weddings. It is also important that both mothers communicate which colours tones and textures they intend on wearing, to ensure photos look cohesive and complement each other.


Black Tie & Formal Dress Code

For a formal black tie dress code, the length of the gown is a focal point. Select floor skimming evening gowns with complementing waistlines to accentuate your silhouette. Beaded and sequin gowns can always pair beautifully against a formal black tie dress code. The element of sparkle allows you to radiate amongst the guests whilst looking seamless against the bride's soft white wedding dress. Classic colours such as red, black or gunmetal offer a sophisticated choice. Mother of the bride and groom gowns can incorporate sleeves that offer coverage and warmth.


Cocktail & Garden Dress Code

Cocktail and garden weddings can be classified under the semi formal dress code umbrella. This dress code encapsulates wedding bells and blossoms. Mothers of the bride and groom should look for floaty dresses, that are decorated with opulent floral embroidery or dresses which are brightly coloured. Floral prints and designs match the feminine atmosphere at garden weddings while providing a comfortable fit and elegant look. To add some shimmer to your final look, pair your cocktail dress with matching earrings or hair accessories. Pink and rose gold accessories match perfectly with warm toned floral prints.


Casual & Beach Dress Code

When a lowkey and intimate wedding is in order, a more casual tone for the mother of the bride and groom is appropriate. Casual beach wedding dress codes tend to have a focus on comfort and functionality, therefore look for lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, taffeta and lurex. Carefully picked accessories are critical for beach weddings, (as no one likes walking on sand with heels on…) instead look for neutral coloured sandals that accompany your look. Gold bangles and gold sparkly stud earrings can be the perfect mix of casual jewellery to pair with your mother of the bride and groom dress for this dress code.


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