The Spring Races: Caulfield Cup

Our first style guide of our spring race style series – the Caulfield Cup. We will cover the dress code, what to wear and how to accessorise in full. When you think Caulfield Cup, think colour.

The Caulfield Cup is one of the first big race days of the spring racing season. Held in October (which is just a penny throw away), the Caulfield Cup dress code is all about colour which is a very fitting dress code to start off your spring time events. You know with the Caulfield Cup coming up it is time to inject some colour into your wardrobe. Think roaring reds, sapphire navys and effervescent emeralds. Bold little black dresses and vibrant white dress styles are also appropriate choice for your Caulfield Cup dress.

And of course, being racing – one must remember to accessorise and we recommend a little bit of colour blocking when it comes to your accessories for the Caulfield Cup. If you are wearing a red dress you might opt for emerald green earrings. Contrasting colours will go down a treat at Caulfield Cup and may even win you a best dressed prize!


Colour Blocking

Colour blocking will always allow you to stand out from the crowd and standing out at the races is always a good idea. You can either select two contrasting colours such as a red dress and green jewellery and colour block this way. Or you can select one core colour such as blue and use different shades of blue to colour block your Caulfield Cup look. A colourful off the shoulder dress or a bright midi length dress is a popular choice of style for the races. Either way your outfit will be colourful at the Caulfield Cup.



Monochromatic Moments

A monochromatic moment at the races is always a good idea. Choosing one colour for your dress and accessories will allow for a put together race day look. You can opt for colourful style or go for a black on black or a white on white look. Either way you will look so chic and strikingly elegant in a monochrome look. A little black dress or a little white dress is a fabulous way to go. Remember to style you look with matching accessories for the perfect final touch. Jewellery is always a non negotiable when it comes to race day style.



Matching Sets

You will start to notice a bit of a theme for the Caulfield Cup dress code and that tends to lean more towards the idea of matching. We have covered matching colours and contrasting colours and now it is time to discuss matching sets. Matching sets have always been a popular look for the spring races and allow for you to look your utmost stylish. Match a knee length dress to your jacket or bolero or you could match your pants to your top, either way you will look stunningly ready for race days to come.



You will always look your best at the races in Montique! For more fashion tips or information on our dresses and products, contact us at to be in touch with our customer service team, or shop our new arrivals now!

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