The Spring Races: Oaks Day

Oaks Day is often referred to as Ladies Day in race calendars, and Ladies Day perfectly describes the dress code that is required when you attend Oaks Day this spring racing season.

Oaks Day is the after the Melbourne Cup and is held in November. The Oaks Day dress code is all about femininity and spring time styles and shapes. When dressing for the Oaks Day think florals, romantic frills, laces and pastels. The official flower of the Oaks Day is a rose so think bold prints that feature blooming blossoms. Printed dresses are the perfect option for the occasion, as are dainty cocktail dresses. Don’t repeat your Derby Day look and come dressed in black and white, but instead lean towards more feminine shades of pinks and sky blues. Your spring racing accessories should also be whimsical and fanciful.

We recommend that you pair blossoms on blossoms and pastels on pastels. You should be gently touched with light coloured shades throughout your dress and your accessories. Pearls and diamantes are the perfect touches of femininity that you need for Ladies Day.


Bold Floral Prints

Roses and lilies and daisies should dance along your dresses for Oaks Day. The perfect spring racing dress is one with florals painted over it. It is chic and fit for those sunny days track side. Florals scream femininity and define the spring season, especially the spring racing season. Our favourite floral dresses are those which and airy and flowy and sway in the wind, and those which feature a stylish split.


Bright Colours

Bright colours and pastel shades are another perfect choice for Ladies Day. Another style of dress that is perfect for spring time and the spring race season. A cocktail dress or a midi dress in a bright block colour will make you stand out from the crowd and will look gorgeous on you when you are drenched in that spring time sun while you stand trackside with a glass of bubbles in your hand. If you’d prefer to wear a white opt for a little white dress and some colourful pink earrings.


The New Fascinator

Headwear and fascinators are always a good idea for any race events but especially Oaks Day as they are very chic and feminine pieces. Instead of wearing a hat this year, opt for some chic hair clips or pins or a fanciful headband or fascinator that can define your floral and feminine look. Further, your make up and hair can be in tune with your hair accessories – think a subtle pink blushed check and a lip.


You will always look your best at the races in Montique! For more fashion tips or information on our dresses and products, contact us at to be in touch with our customer service team, or shop our new arrivals now!

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