What to Wear to a Bridal Shower

What is a bridal shower? A bridal shower is a daytime event in celebration of the bride's upcoming marriage. Traditionally, it's an opportunity for guests to give the couple gifts for the home.

If there is no dress code indicated, it would be safe to align your outfit with that of something you would wear to an elevated weekend brunch. Keep in mind that you want to wear something not as revealing as you would to the bachelorette party, but something that is not as formal as the actual wedding day outfit—an outfit that makes you feel confident and excited.


What to Wear to a Fancy Bridal Shower?

Look for clues on your invitation to tell if a bridal shower will be on the fancier side. Invitation wording is generally a good indicator of formality. If numbers and abbreviations are spelled out, or if phrases like 'request the pleasure of your company' are used, this is probably going to be a more formal bridal shower. Also look to see if the invitation provides words about the dress code, such as festive or cocktail attire.

For fancier bridal showers at upscale venues like country clubs, hotels, or restaurants, opt for cocktail attire, such as:

Cocktail dresses

• A pair of flowy, silk pants, a blouse, and a jacket

• A pair of ankle-length pants, a blazer, and heels

• Include accessories such as more formal, statement jewellery (real or costume) and a clutch or small purse


What to Wear to a Casual Bridal Shower?

If the bridal shower is more casual, keep your outfit polished and festive but tone down on the level of formality. For example, swap out heels for ballet flats, if you'll be more comfortable, or go for daytime fabrics. Here are some ideas:

• A print wrap dress

• A pair of nice pants, a floral top

• A denim shirt dress with knee-high boots

• A jumpsuit

• Include accessories such as delicate jewellery and a crossbody purse or leather satchel


What to Wear to a Fall or Winter Bridal Shower?

Stick to rich, warm, or dark colours for bridal showers in the fall and winter months. Think ruby, navy and emeralds. Most showers during these months will be indoors, so don't worry too much about outerwear, but reflect the season with long sleeves and hemlines and heavier fabrics. Check out these ideas:

• A long dress, tights, and boots

• A long-sleeve dress

• Wide-leg pants and a sweater

• A crisp button-down tucked into a full skirt

• Include accessories such as: dressy boots and long, layered necklaces


What to Wear to a Spring or Summer Bridal Shower?

Bright, light colours—pastels and hot hues all the way—rule when it comes to what to wear to spring or summer bridal showers, as do florals and other summery prints. Lightweight cotton, silk, and linen feel cool and crisp. To get you inspired, here are some warm-weather shower outfit possibilities:

• Jumpsuits

• A floral, ruffled high-low print dress

• A pair of cropped white pants, a bright silk top, and floral wedges

• A patterned dress and lace-up sandals

• Include accessories such as: a rattan purse or straw tote and a fresh pedicure


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